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    Section 1: Character
    1. Character name: Zander
    2. Realm: Dragonblight
    3. Primary spec and class: Fury/Aarms Warrior
    4. Battle tag: zander#1312
    5. Armory link:
    6. Warcraft Logs character ranking:
    7. Parse link:

    Section 2: Real Life
    1. Real first name: Tommy Cunningham
    2. Gender: Male
    3. Age: 35
    4. Country/State: Tennessee
    5. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?: End of Vanilla with taking Cata off for work.
    6. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm medically retired from the Army and from civilian gov't employment. Married with a 11 year old daughter. Oh, and I play wow.
    7. Upcoming circumstances that can prevent you from raiding: Mid October I'm making a week long trip to NY to see my aunt who has terminal cancer.

    Section 3: Computer
    1. How old is your computer?: Purchased last May
    2. Video card: GeForce GTX 960
    3. Amount of memory (RAM): 8GB

    Section 4: Short Response
    1. Why did you choose Last Word?: Days and times are in line with what I'm looking for and Jeathebelle's word on how it is here carries a lot for me being that I've played with him before.

    2. Reason(s) for leaving your previous guild: Finding the right words to describe the environment and mentality as a whole and individually while trying to remain respectful for the friends I do have there and will maintain even after are difficult to describe. I'd rather just say my commitment, seriousness towards raiding and time spent in the raid, while not saying they don't have these qualities do not match up and I need more out of the game with raiding than I'll be able to get while there with them.

    3. What specs/classes have you raided as in the past?: Fury, Arms, Glad, and briefly prot during SoO.

    4. Favorite title you've earned on the character you're applying to raid with: Immortal

    5. What was your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft so far?: I beat a frost mage once... But really I don't have a most memorable that I can think of. Getting the end tier boss down each tier is great, hard to come by achievements or items crack a smile. For me the better moments I've had would be recruiting. The dreaded thing most don't like but for me it's target recruitment. Being able to find what you are needing, progress looking, log scrubbing, making the contact and getting them on a voice chat and closing the deal. I love the sale aspect of it and when the deal is closed I've done something that most never want to do or love to do but the biggest gain is to the guild as a great recruit always helps with the raid.

    6. What goals do you wish to achieve in World of Warcraft? Which goals have you already accomplished?: Really only one "goal" not things I'd like or want would be to become the best warrior I'm capable of being. This can never be accomplished as there is always a way to improve on something which is why I love this being my goal.

    7. Fill out the template. Include content you've cleared only while it was current: WARLORDS OF DRAENOR
    TIER 18: Mythic Hellfire Citadel 5/13
    TIER 17: Mythic Highmaul 6/6, Mythic Blackrock Foundry 10/10

    Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14, Heroic Throne of Thunder 13/13, Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults 5/6, Heroic Heart of Fear 1/6, Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring 3/4

    Heroic Dragon Soul 0/8, Heroic Firelands 0/7, Heroic Throne of the Four Winds 0/2, Heroic Bastion of Twilight 0/5, Heroic Blackwing Descent 0/6

    Heroic Lich King 0/1, Tribute to Insanity: Yes/No

    [Realm First! Celestial Defender] [Cutting Edge: Ra-den][Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player)]01/09/14 [Cutting Edge: Blackhand's Crucible]05/14/15

    Section 5: Theorycrafting
    1. Explain your priority or rotation: Arms, keep rend up not refreshing before 5 seconds left Rending 3-4 targets max. Keep sweeping strikes up when more than one target is available unless the cleave is not wanted due to a mechanic. CS on cooldown with the trinket and mortal strike spam. Execute range you sub out MS for execute when you have CS up on the target or about to rage cap.
    Fury, keep bloodthirst on cooldown unless it will cap you on rage then you do a quick ws to dump that rage or you have 2 raging blow procs still you clear it to one before hitting bt again. WS over raging blow unless you have 2 RB procs again. This is due to the current 4 set. Execute when sudden death proc is priority. Stormbolt when you don't have any of the others to fill in. Bladestorm or dragons roar on adds when required. Execute range, bt still on cooldown and execute. I only change this when recklessness is up still, if i can fit in another execute or 2 for that, I will. WS procs I may use depending on the time left on the boss and how close recklessness is to coming off cooldown with the 4 set to make it available again for executes.

    2. Versatility, Multistrike, Haste, Critical, OR Mastery? Choose one and explain why: Mastery, meeting the normal crit cap with current gear is easy and you gain 1% damage per 1% mastery as fury while enraged and 3% damage from CS,MS,and Execute per 1% mastery. And mastery gained while arms through weapon mastery is gained at 5% more from all stat sources. Or the simple answer is that simcraft tells me to do it.

    3. Is there anything questionable about your gear, gem or enchant decisions? If so, explain here. Otherwise, leave blank:

    Section 6: Interface and Binds
    1. What do you have Q, W, E, A, S and D bound to?: Q: W: E: A: S: D:
    I don't use them so what ever blizz binds them with stock is what you got.
    Be open minded at first. I move with arrows and strafe with right click and left right arrows. I'm using a naga and at a quck glance at arms which is the spec on the other screen I'm looking at I see 31 keybinds that are used. Nothing is clicked outside taunt as to never hit that evil button by accident unless I know it will be needed and it will be binded. Jump is number pad 0, tab target is 1. I've attempted the wasd but I'm not comfortable with my hands apart while playing. How I sit and play I like my hands closer together center mass. Call it a habit of early first person shooter games or real first person shooter from the army. Either way it works for me and I've watched someones face on skype when they attempted to put there hands on the keyboard that way and it was quite amusing.

    2. Upload a screenshot of your user interface: Linked at the bottom of the application

    3. If your keybindings are not shown in the screenshot you provided in question 2, please show them here. Leave blank otherwise:

    Section 7: Statistics
    1. How did you learn about us?: Jeathebelle contacted me on the forums
    2. Besides filling the application out, what did you least like about our application experience?: Nothing stands out
    3. Which webpage did you like most?: I haven't had a chance to search it yet. Pulled up the app to look at it while speaking to Jeath and it just started to get filled out.

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    Pretty sure I've ran into this guy helping Server Last awhile back too. Talked to him a bit about warriors and he seemed solid. You only get 1 first impression and his was good. REPLACE ME =D
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    Minus the interface and binds.... JJ 2.0?
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