The Rambits II: The End | June 2005 - March 2013

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    It is said that "All things come to an end"

    A cliché term, but also the truth, at least today.

    Today I am finally putting an end to a long lived raiding career. I will be stepping down from full-time raiding effective after tonight. Shoutouts at the bottom, after The Rambits II. I'll flesh out the details with the officers.

    • Retiring from raiding has been on my mind since Vitality switched to 10 man. I most wanted to quit in Dragon Shit, and came very close to doing so. I held on however, and I must say I was happy I did since tier 14 was fun. Tier 15 will be an awesome tier of content too. Despite this I could not get myself excited to do the content. I volunteered more and more for bench and found that I could live without raiding... finally, after 8 years of doing it with no breaks. I'm just tired of it.

    • Project 005: with some help from our developer convinced me to go back to school. So I chose one of the best design schools in the world, Art Center College of Design, and applied to them. Much to my surprise, I was accepted and got the letter a few days ago. So in September, I'll be starting there so I would have had to quit then anyways.

    • I really enjoyed raiding, but I kept on pretending I was still the same player that I was in BC, WotLK and the beginning of Cataclysm. Doing the recruitment posts, website, and various website activities while keeping Rent up to date is simply too much. I hope my duties can be split up carefully to avoid this happening to my successor.

    If there were two things I could change about my time raiding full-time in Last Word, I would've spent more time looking for more content providers for That, and some elements of P005 internal stuff differently

    The Rambits II

    Its been a long time since the first Rambits in late 2008. Part I covered my adventures during Vanilla WoW. The new addition, Part II, covers BC, and WotLK

    Some pictures may seem unnecessary - I included them for what was said in chat, so look there

    I laid Rambits II out in chonological order. What comes first is vanilla (shortened part I) and then the new additions. Enjoy


    Its ironic I started raiding when I was 16 [DENIED]. I never spoke on Ventrilo. Despite this I was able to game the DKP system completely without staining my reputation. I set up the system that that all Shaman would bid only one DKP point on tier sets and we would rotate who would get it. In my case, this allowed me to get important strength pieces for PvP.


    Summarized adventures in MC. Above is the earliest surviving SS I have. Below is the forging of my Sulfuras, the guild's first, after a lot of politics. The forging was completed in February 2006 after 8 months of collecting mats.

    2.jpg 3.jpg

    The day after the forging, we killed Nefarian for the first time. I always made a point to include Murky in screenshots.

    4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

    I was well known for being poor all of Vanilla. If I didn't get Sulfuras, I could have gotten one of the original epic mounts. Ironically, the popular consensus was that they were ugly as fuck and who would want one of those.

    7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg

    True, we were lagged to fuck and stood around more than anything, but the event never at any point felt dull or empty.

    11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg

    Primary means of communication was via secret chat channels. Credit me with the name! Another name I came up with was supersecretshamanachannel

    14.jpg 15.jpg

    Always poor...



    Of course, I was also well known in BGs for being that Shaman that one shot with Sulfuras. I snapped this picture on the eve of Burning Crusade in late 2006.

    Below is one of the last 40 man raids. RIP. This was snapped from the Burning Crusade pre-release event


    Burning Crusade

    The new challenge with BC: class warfare and breaking stereotypes. Early BC was all about Hybrid Rights... or lack thereof. It was difficult earning the raid spot, but once I made them see the light, I became the most invaluable member of group 5, melee core.

    Luck... and exhibited both ways above and below...


    When Blizzard released a patch, the tier 6 Skyshatter set for Shaman was bugged and had no cost. Of course I exploited that with no penalties afterwards.


    At some point, I became the picture dude for the guild. It was also at this point the great keybind revolution occurred and I started binding all my stuff and removing keyboard turning from my keyboard.


    Black Temple was out for much too long. About the length of Dragon Soul. The difference between the two is that the content was quality, with its own soundtrack even, and not recycled. Apparently some of it is featured in Warlords of Draenor too so cool!


    So when the PTR for Sunwell came out, I was first to jump on. It was thrilling to bump into some old friends from my vanilla experience on PTR. Kaywarrior and a couple others from my old guild went on to become big time in Exodus. I got into one of the first kills of Felmyst. The boss was a complete mystery so learning the mechanics quickly was really fun.


    I didn't think my guild on Spirestone would have problems, but the guild was beginning to break up due to being stuck on Kalecgos for a month. So I departed. I had a choice between Exodus from Kaywarrior and Lemmings (Thanks Kamaa/Omniwrath). Ultimately, I decided to totem twist for Lemmings.


    I'm missing the legendary Wowzers teabag falling asleep during KJ picture... someone should post that.



    The image above is a prelude to the cinematic images I started to make in Cataclysm.

    I don't know about Rob, but what was said below about Karthak is true.

    11.jpg 12.jpg

    Lemmus HATED Murlocs. In fact he hated it so much he didn't use any kill shots with Murlocs in it. But that's fine, I took my own personal killshots! This is still one of my favorites.


    First encounters with one that raped little kids. It was quite mind blowing.


    Karthak and myself became well known on the server for hosting Naxx40 and AQ40 runs. Back at level 70, the content required a large group to do still. Our groups always filled and had a loyal following despite us reserving basically everything Shaman could use. (See chat)


    I continued the approach when I took over from Karthak for Naxx40 runs. I lured people in with Corrupted Ashbringer. That always got people to go. The picture above is from the last Naxx40 run ever, before patch 3.0.


    When patch 3.0 came out, there was a bug with arena gear costing nothing, so the vender became a complete clusterfuck. Blizzard later removed all the gear acquired from that.


    Wrath of the Lich King

    WotLK was a big shift for me, changing mains. To make Rent comparable to Wowzers, I went on an aggressive campaign to collect the rarest objects in Azeroth to carry in Rent's inventory. As the main must be the most impressive character on the account, Rent didn't actually become the "main" until late in WotLK.


    The first picture of the new, upcoming main of the account. 3:02am launch day. Thanks for the serial key Rimefang!


    One of the treasures I got on Wowzers for Rent was Teebu's Blazing Longsword. Preparing Rent to be the "main" was a strenous task that required months of collecting mats and rare BoE items


    I'm the reason Karthak got his Server First 80: Shaman. He was too delirious to finish it, and I knew Icecrown quests from beta so I offered to do it for him. It would be a total taunt at the same time, since I would see the tier 3 ring I gave to him so that he could get full Earthshatter


    It turns out, not long after getting his precious server first, Karthak got hacked... or whatever, and rerolled Alliance. I intercepted him.


    He flagged himself for PvP soon after.


    Don't know why I DIDN'T kill him. The "backups" never came BTW.


    This is the future Karthaak I would later face in arena in seasons 6 and 7. I also used this pic for my avatar on the old LWlol.


    UIs, Arenas and AFK in Dalaran were one of my favorite pastimes in WotLK. The one above is awful on so many levels.


    Lemmus is very happy with Veldefice. (And Blood DPS!)


    One of the most fucked up things I remember ^


    New expansion, old habits. Enjoyed doing them still. Especially the portal trick ^


    Oh Blueberry. (I hated the UI above since it made me look like a clicker)


    You earned this by not getting hit by the meteors at all during the fight. This translates to:

    1. Kill yourself in the beginning while the rest of the raid killed the boss
    2. ???
    3. Profit!

    P.S. The one time Rimefang beat me on damage meters! JK <3


    Weird bug, but looked cool so I used it as my forum avatar for awhile.


    This is on the eve on Robeh returning to Lemmings from his hiatus.


    Couldn't trust Dadotbot with shit

    I forgot how to take screenshots during t9 - Argent Tournament, but it was a shit tier anyways.


    Got back into taking pictures in ICC. Imagine if Klutched really gquit, he wouldn't have ruined my Atramedes video! And I may have not needed such strict NDAs on projects.


    Like in Last Word, hatred was high for Canadians.


    Yeah, that's right #1. Thanks Gnomi! AKA RBG leader Gob


    Karthak had a thing for being repetitious. Imagine putting up with that everyday. Unfortunately, he came back to Horde after a short run on Alliance.



    +photobombing Therran


    Putricide fail


    I held trivia events throughout most of WotLK. From Ulduar to ICC. For more on that see:


    Catalcysm. For me the beginning of the end for me. But at first it was pretty exciting. The crowds for this reminded me of the AQ40 opening event... minus the server crashing.

    24.jpg 25.jpg 26.jpg

    Not much to say for this expansion. I raced changed to Goblin from Orc the first day of Firelands.


    I switched over to Alliance for a week in a vain attempt to get 2200 season 11 gear with an old friend from Vitality, Gnomicyde, aka Gob.




    Public enemy #1 to my left.


    @Klutched: Yes, I still hate you for Atramedes
    @Pyru: Mike is hosting a BBQ next month you should come
    @Rimefang: RSVP for the BBQ next month. Make garlic bread
    @Slummin: Let us know when you're back down you should come to the BBQ. At least come to Blizzcon
    @Joulakil: Funnest of times in WoW
    @Malorajan: Its always been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for the fun times with old school raids
    @biggrig: Fatty from ana-hiem
    @blkbankai: My first gold vending machine
    @Edzel: Happy Birthday!
    @Darthir: Don't get high before dinner
    @Nicessus & Rydstrom: Thanks for being in my elite group for clearing old content during Cataclysm!
    @Isilmedae: Move to SoCal
    @Therran: Good luck with reestablishing Vitality!
    @Robeh: The Lemmings days were the best may it RIP
    @Karthak: Fuck you sand nigger... jk <3
    @Veldefice: Does what he wants
    @VV: I never knew an Asian could drink THAT MUCH
    @Gezuss: Crazy times in SWTOR
    @Laidonhands: You were really one of the core socialists in Lemmings
    @Slimjim: Graph us the heroic Lei'shen strat
    @Damey: <3
    @Apama: Never said anything to me, besides: "Make sure you drop Earthbind" Was memorable for some reason
    @Pib: You, Edzel, Darthir, and Pyru all suck for leaving Karthak and me to finish all the food and drinks fuckers
    @Raithis: Fun times arena'ing and you hijacking half the guild's characters
    @Alliene & Tokshar: Thanks for the beta access and WotLK!
    @Blueberry: You're 10th in command, never forget
    @Nasi: Second in command
    @Kamaa: I greatly appreciate your continued support for LWlol. Your participation is already magnitudes more than most current guildes
    @Ryuujin: I saw you lurking the other day. Hey!
    @Enhance: You have the most redneck voice I know
    @Zirene: Zirene the Immortal... JK
    @Mako: Fun times at 70
    @Konstanntine: It was a crazy experience playing with you
    @Cptpoot: It was a pleasure having you onboard for dev, you're a great creative
    @Angrychicken: Jurassic Park at real IMAX sounds like a great idea
    @Holypenguin: You need to woman up and watch movies more
    @Sin: Its been a pleasure raiding with you. Glad you are melee officer
    @Silent: We didn't talk much but its been a pleasure raiding with you
    @Lind: Grats, you're the last Vitality member
    @Cake: Its been a pleasure raiding with you. You had some pretty funny shit to say very often
    @Saitek: Thanks for letting me borrow all those flasks and food! It kept me afloat during LWlol dev! Here's the promised ice cream - I put it in your freezer while you were reading this
    @Slappa: ^ ... minus the ice cream
    @Aggo: The Outlands
    @juicy: You'll always be my gold vender machine. You should mention your relation to Titanic
    @Canibehealz: Watches The View while playing WoW. WTF. I also heard you hate long goodbyes. Ironic
    @Anelace: We never really spoke but thanks for helping out with LWlol
    @Uppercut: Thanks for the help with S11 stuff
    @Rawrberry: Thanks for your support with LWlol!
    @Tinderhoof: I suppose I should thank you for trying to help with Raidcraft Strats!
    @Wafflesz: I didn't want to leave you out. Waffles, Pancakes and Churros... Don't know it just popped into my mind
    @Donna: Cataclysm is the worst XP ever made.
    @Peon: You have a thing for yelling at Unholysin and me
    @Abbador: Some people would call the way you handled P005 on the level of "scumbag". Despite this though, I think you continue to lead the guild well and I'm glad you are GM

    @Donors & Patrons: Thank you guys for your support. I remain committed to LWlol despite my resignation from full-time raiding

    This list could go on for a very long time. If I missed you sorry, but I forgot about you I just had a lot of things on my mind. It's been a fun 8ish years! God bless.

    Previous Unannounced Projects:

    #001: Vitality Movie Department, YouTube Channel, Vitality vs. Heroic Lich King

    #002: Vitality Visual Strategy: Heroic Lich King
    (And the followup:

    #003: Part Time Raider Position, introduction of the Iconic recruitment format, revealing of the new application ... f-Pandaria

    #004: Last Word vs. Heroic Deathwing, YouTube Channel Modernization

    #005: The new

    #006: The Final Project: The Rambits II: The End
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  2. rent

    rent Guild Master

  3. Saitek

    Saitek Founder

    Gonna miss you Rent! Good luck with the art college. Thx for all the time and effort you put in the website and guild, much appreciated. Don't be shy keep in touch.
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  4. Abbador

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    nicely put together man gonna miss you
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  5. Cptpoot

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    rent I love you. I look forward to your future work :D
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  6. nightsbane

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    What to say buddy, its been an adventure in lemmings awesome being the DKs' of vitality. And thats right BBQ at my house with the garlic bread...nothing compares to vitality and lemmings...nothing...
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  7. Atutahi

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    Rent it was a pleasure raiding with you. My time spent raiding with you and the rest of vitality was unforgettable Don't Forget The Cumbra and Wang show! We could make millions! Good luck with school its obvious you are ahead of the curve.
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  8. Karthak89

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    Durka Durka.. Whats up rent... Just woke up to this. To tell you the truth it's about time you moved on, these memories are still within me and I still miss them just as much as you. Your story line is amazing, how long did this take you, I am surprized by how good the old pictures are ;p hahaha. But seriously high five mayng... My best memories in WoW was with you... homo...
    You know I am a big man now doing big things. You know where to find me if you ever need anything mate. This is really is sad but at the same time I am really happy for you.
    Wish Last Word the best of luck in their upcoming journeys through Azeroth... damn that sounded gay.. Na srsly good luck though.
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  9. rent

    rent Guild Master

    LOL... like an afternoon, not that bad

    I knew I wanted to end my career with a post like this so its been in the "planning" for years
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  10. Karthak89

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    I love this... And I am crack'n up soo hard to some of the things I have said.. send me some more pictures of chat ! Hillarious !! hahahaha
    Oh and btw.. you better get a 4.0 GPA !!
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  11. rent

    rent Guild Master

    Yeah the students who go there are super competitive its gonna be crazy

    I went thru my archives and picked all the funny ones I have lol. Someone has got to have the Wowzers teabag picture
  12. Canibehealz

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    Rent, its been a pleasure man. I hope you aren't as forgetful about getting an RL food buff at this BBQ as you are in raids. :p

    And its The Voice, not The View - get it right, fuck.

    Good thing you're still managing cause shit, I know I couldn't. haha Good luck with all your schooling prospects and future endeavours and I'm sure we'll chat soon. This isn't the last of you, we can be positive about that.

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  13. Malorajan

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    I saw this and didn't expect a shoutout but was surprised to see it so near the top. You've obviously had a hell of a ride as evidenced by this post. Good luck with the schooling man, can't wait to see some more of whatever work you do in the future. If you ever got something you want some input on, or help with anything, get at me.
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  14. Pyru

    Pyru Raider

    Shit, it's just Lind and I left! I'm gonna miss you man but I have a feeling we'll keep in touch. We had some great times in Vitality/Blizzcon that I'll never forget. I'd wish you good luck, but you are one of the most driven individuals I have ever met and I know whatever you choose to do in life you will be amazing at it. The site looks amazing and I appreciate all the work you have done for this guild. Thanks for all the support and help you have given me through the years, I know I can be a handful at times.

    <3 Ryan

    ps I will definitely go to Mike's bbq. Only for the garlic bread though :) I'll PM you my new number.
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  15. Donna

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  16. rent

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    yes, global warming
  17. Cakezilla

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    Those are some amazing screenshots. It's crazy to think you've been raiding for 8 years now but those screenshots really capture the history of WoW raiding. Thanks for all the time, effort, and energy you and your team put into creating this community for us. Best of luck in school!
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  18. Abbador

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    Im doing this in good fun since this is the end of rent....

    R E N T Y!

    ** Had to do it this way cause he actually filtered the word out hahahahahaha!

    <3 ya man dnt delete!
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    It took quite a bit of coaxing to get Wowzers to join Lemmings. He was extremely loyal to his previous guild, so it comes as no surprise that he was equally loyal to Lemmings etc. It was a good run man; I'm glad you joined. One very important question though. Where the hell are your Sunwell damage meters? We all know those were starring Kamaa. :p

    Also, @Karthak. No regrets for getting your ass banned mid Sunwell. lol
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  20. rent

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    omg I forgot all about that drama LOL

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