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    Best in Slot

    Items listed with a Blue highlight are Best-In-Slot for their item values for each stat priority on each tab. Items listed in Red are flagged as Conditional items. Conditional items are flagged as such because they are either trash drops, non-spirit items for when regen is not a problem or they're off-hand equipped items that should be prioritized to those who can not equip shields. Trinkets are marked Conditional because there is no clear "best" trinket and all thrive in different environments or have situational needs.

    Something that should be mentioned, as its apparently a common question I get; Healer Stat Weights are not strict like dps stat weights. Fight parameters, healing comp, raid skill and content level are all factors which effect how beneficial stats are for you.

    Therefore the stat "weights" listed on the sheet are only weighted separately by increments of .5 for math purposes in finding out which piece will have the higher potential gain based upon a priority by usefulness. That's why there are several tabs with different stat priorities given to suit your situation, playstyle or needs. The weights/values per stat point are what they are for the simple fact of finding what piece will be the best in slot item.

    Regarding Stat Arrangements
    I've received a few questions regarding stats in 6.2. Stat priorities are based on healing compositions, encounter design and progression levels. While there is no clear cut definitive answer on which stat priority is best the three generally excepted priorities are as follows:

    Mastery > Haste > MS=Crit > Vers
    Haste > MS > Mastery >= Crit > Vers
    MS > Haste > Mastery >= Crit > Vers

    The reason why these weights are the way they are is because in an absorb centric healing meta and encounter design meta, stacking Mastery to brim is largely a waste of stats due to health pools never reaching levels low enough to benefit the thousands of Mastery points we have. MS overheals less than Crit does in exchange for a slight loss in Resurgence mana return, but the mana return isn't something we're based around having anyway and is very little over an encounter currently. It also grants us higher damage capability than Crit does because of LvBs auto-crit mechanism. While healers aren't designed to DPS, its nice that our spells are free and can provide a couple million damage in a progression setting (think Kromog pillar burn for extra damage) - and that damage can count, so in low healing periods let Riptides do the work and weave in free damage spells. This saves mana for later and contributes to raid success. Haste scales with everything.

    As far as trinkets that are available to Resto its looking like other than the obvious choice of http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124233/demonic-phylactery&bonus=567 that the http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124234/unstable-felshadow-emulsion&bonus=567 will reign for most encounters. While it may be better in the hands of a HoT healer who blankets the raid, the leech will be much stronger when we apply it as opposed to a Mistweaver, Holy Priest or Resto Druid. Further testing is required. Thanks to Alorj on Reddit for the reminder!

    Any encounters where Mana is less stressed or has frequent damage bursts we will see great use from http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124232/intuitions-gift&bonus=567 (for its large on use Crit granting significant increase to throughput on a short cooldown that lines up with Ascendance and mana return benefit from Resurgence crits). This trinket is suited perfectly for the last few encounters in the instance where damage is bursty and not sustained and needs to be recovered from quickly before the next mechanic.

    The Archimonde Class trinket for Resto is pretty underwhelming in design, to say the least. It was suspected that it would be a small at best throughput gain and after some math and analysis Dayani has proven that to be true. some final PTR testing, it was proven that we will not be required to cast directly on Riptide targets to trigger the bounce. This significantly increases the viability of the trinket and Dayani's numbers may not be entirely accurate, they are still however a good guideline in an environment where we're casting on to a target with Riptide.

    Update 06/21 - Trinket Word Vomit Copy/Paste from MMO-C
    There is some trinket gaming we can do with the 4p and hard casted Riptides to minimize waste from trinket spreads but that requires tracking duration on both 4p RT and Casted RT in separate locations and treating them as two separate entities for the purpose of CH HT Synergy. Instead of just assuming "x player has RT" it will then be "x player has RT lets cast CH on them to put up 4p RT then cast CH on someone else as to not waste 4p RT".

    Its hard to articulate what Im trying to say but in not-so-short with 4p and Trinket;
    "If the player has RT but no 4pRT cast CH on them. Hope to get RT spreads. Stop casting CH on them once they get 4pRT as to not waste procs and increase chance to overheal. Choose a new non-4pRT target for CH, preferring someone with short duration 4pRT or long duration RT on them."

    This will maximize the benefit from the trinket and the 4p but slightly lower High Tide bounces - but in reality you're never not maximizing High Tide because of all the extra RTs on the raid.

    All of this is assuming low overheal environments too. Obviously the trinket loses value in situations with increasing amounts of overheal, which is why you switch targets so frequently with it equipped - to minimize that overhealing from RT and 4pRT.

    I still believe that standard trinkets will be Phylactery and Intuitions Gift. The on-use crit is invaluable for maximizing your flexibility on the later encounters.

    Rough Tier Evaluation (Maths and Approximations by Dayani on her Blog)
    4p18 is desirable as we do have a decent bonus this tier. A lot would say its not as great as significantly reduced cost Chain Heal a la T17, but effective none the less. Adding extra Riptides to the raid for High Tide synergy has a minor benefit, though not a huge one and in any situation where the raid is in real danger, this bonus works out to be a significant one because of its pairing with the 2p.

    Value of your 2p/4p will fluctuate depending upon the encounter and your personal healing breakdown, but given that Riptide is to be cast on cooldown and usually makes up 10-15% of a Shamans healing the 2p increased Crit can math out to be an approximate 2-3.5% gain.

    Also of note, 2p18 has a small additional spirit/regen value because of Resurgence, assuming RT is always cast as a priority and on cooldown - encounters vary of course.

    The 4p18 value is solely dependant upon your casting habits. Making full use of this bonus, tied in with the 2p18 means that you're always casting Chain Heal on a player without a Tier generated Riptide and that player has to be low enough to result in no overhealing.

    Assuming you have a Chain Heal heavy cast sequence, which will be harder to maintain due to the loss of 4p17, and very little overhealing the combined effect of the 2p/4p is about 13-15% increase. The less we use Chain Heal the less benefit we see but when we can manage to fit Chain Heal into our cast rotation instead of HST and Healing Wave single target then we'll see that increase.

    Tier Options
    Depending upon which of the three typically accepted stat priorities you take (which is dependant upon raid comp and encounter design) you'll want to make sure you collect your 5 pieces of tier and swap in Legs as your offpiece for Mastery heavy builds and swap in Chest as your offpiece for Haste or Multistrike heavy builds that favor absorb heavy raids. Progression encounters ALMOST ALWAYS FAVOR MASTERY due to its ability to save lives and increase healing when its most needed.

    Weapon options are plentiful in Hellfire and many of them with favorable stats! With the item level scaling through the instance it means that since Spell Power is truly king that we will largely favor weapons from the end bosses. The Archimonde 2h Staff http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124382/edict-of-argus&bonus=567 is going to be our best weapon option for all three builds. A close followup is the Archimonde 1H http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124372/gavel-of-the-eredar&bonus=567 and Tyrant Shield http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124355/fallen-defender-of-argus&bonus=567 or Mannoroth OH http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124206/thumping-demonheart-fetish&bonus=567. Don't be shy about taking a lower ilevel weapon though, they all have great stats for Resto and there will be plenty of competition for other weapons.

    Game Play
    The biggest change to talk about is that in 6.2 Shamans lose their "Riptide Chain Heal" interaction that has been around for years. No longer are Shamans tied to optimal throughput by casting Chain Heal on a target with Riptide on them. This change does not change the strength of Chain Heal, as they also caked in a 25% buff to it directly and actually simplifies Chain Heal use for Shamans who may have had issues maintaining Riptide and Chain Healing effectively. This doesn't mean Riptide isn't worth casting anymore, however, as its still a potent heal and continues to share High Tide synergy. Once you obtain 4p18 you will want to prefer to heal targets without Riptide on them, assuming of course that they are the most injured and you can benefit from your Mastery.

    Losing the 4p17 will certainly be a significant change for Shamans who currently use Chain Heal as filler. Going back to a conservative use of Chain Heal and favoring the rest of the toolkit for filler healing on slightly injured players will likely be the norm until access to Mythic level gear like the Phylactery and heavy spirit accessories.

    Tier and Trinket Interactions
    The following is a list of interactions we see with the Class Trinket, 4p18, Riptide and the set of Chain Heal, Healing Wave and Healing Surge spells required to proc the Trinket.

    4p18 Riptide
    1) Riptide applied by the 4p18 for all intents and purposes behaves like a normal Riptide. This makes it eligible for High Tide and Trinket interactions.
    2) Riptide applied by the 4p18 does apply the direct heal component of Riptide.
    3) Riptide applied by the 4p18 does benefit from the 2p18's increased Critical Strike Chance.
    4) Riptide applied by the 4p18 is a separate spell ID and therefor does not interfere with hardcasted Riptide spells making it possible to maintain two Riptides on a single target.
    5) Riptide applied by the 4p18 can be spread with the class trinket instantly by the CH that applied the Riptide.

    Trinket Interactions
    1) The Riptide created by the Class Trinket for all intents and purposes behaves like a normal Riptide. This makes it eligible for High Tide and further Trinket interactions.
    2) The Riptide created by the Class Trinket snapshots duration remaining on the proccing Riptide and is applied with that remaining duration. Heal Player A with 6s RT, apply 6s RT to Player B.
    3) If a player has two Riptide effects on them and the trinket procs, the longer duration Riptide will be chosen. This maximizes potential healing gain.
    4) The Class Trinket can spread both a player-casted Riptide and the 4p18 Riptide at the same time to the same player. This occurs rarely, but can happen.
    5) The Class Trinket can also spread Riptide on CH bounces, and not just the direct initial heal as originally tested. Proof is here by Koor. Never targeting the npc with RT, it still spreads and they all expire at the same time.
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    Updated with tier evals and approximate numbers as well as small talk about gameplay changes Shamans see in 6.2
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    Updated with Tier and Trinket interactions.
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    Updated 6/21 Word Vomit on maximizing the class trinket.
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    Updated the BiS List to include trash drops and fix a math error on one chart.
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    Updated regarding some trinket information. Log analysis is still underway to find an average throughput increase of the class trinket on any given encounter and the Leech trinket on any given encounter. Much many averages to sort.

    Changes reflect Felspark being useful as an entry trinket or transitional trinket, Dayani's math being slightly less relevant as the Core can spread Riptides on CH bounces and not just the direct heal, among other small formatting and some paragraphs being condensed.
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