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    Subtlety Rogue

    About the author
    This guide is written by Krug, a raider in Midwinter, and a recent addition to their roster. He currently mains a rogue but is considered a jack of all trades with his knowledge and skills on playing the other melee classes at a top level. Krug has been shadow dancing since Vanilla, and began playing the game in 2005.

    Spec Overview
    Subtlety is one of the more flavorful rogue specs; based around “requires Stealth” abilities and bleed effects, the spec emphasizes and rewards the ability to manage several buffs and debuffs simultaneously. While combat is the go to AoE spec for rogues, subtlety is one of two specs that excels at consistent single target damage; and with Shadow Dance being a one minute cooldown you have the flexibility to do good burst damage on important targets. Other than that, you retain the same defensive kit that makes rogues well suited for jobs that involve soaking, immuning, or just reducing damage in general.

    I wrote this guide from the point of view of a Night Elf but, if you are horde I would recommend being Blood Elf; and, if you wanted to choose an alternate alliance race, I would suggest Dwarf or Worgen. All four of these have strong active racial abilities.


    • 5/2: A guide is born

    Energy and Combo Points
    The foundation of the rogue class is based on spending energy to use “generators”; generators will build combo points which are later spent on “Finishers”. There are various abilities that interact with energy and combo points that either generate extra or refund these resources. One of the harder things to master about Subtlety, the rogue class in general, and even other classes is pooling resources. Focusing on Subtlety, there are times when you are about to Vanishor Shadowmeld where you will want to wait, and not use any abilities, so that when you use these “stealth activating” abilities you can use more “stealth activated” abilities.

    Passive Abilities
    Sinister Calling
    This is what makes the spec tick, advancing the progress of Rupture increases the frequency at which you have to cast rupture over Eviscerate, as well as requiring you to maintain the uptimes of rupture and Hemorrhage.

    Find Weakness
    Activated off of Garrote and Ambush (this is baked into the tooltip of these two abilities if you are trying to find it in your spellbook), maintaining uptime on this is very important; between your stealthed opener, Shadow Dance, Vanish, Prep, and Shadowmeld you can start the fight with a solid minute of debuff uptime.

    Sanguinary Vein
    Another important ability that incentivizes the maintaining of the Rupture debuff. This also dictates that your opening spell is Garrote

    Relentless Strikes
    Most of the time you will be spending 5 combo points on your finishers (Rupture, Eviscerate, and Slice and Dice). This allows you to break even on Rupture and Slice and Dice, and gives you a net loss of 10 with Eviscerate.

    Honor Among Thieves
    In a full 20 man mythic raid, this boils down to giving you a combo point every 2 seconds.

    Enhanced Stealth
    This is another damage bonus and incentive for using stealth, although this will be passively gained while you aim to keep the uptime of Find Weakness.

    Empowered Fan of Knives
    Although Sub’s AoE isn’t much compared to Combat, this allows you to quickly build combo points and use your finishers. Simply put, 5 mobs = 5 combo points and if you have Anticipation, when you hit 10 mobs, you will gain 5 combo points and 5 anticipation stacks (which are pretty much combo points).

    Enhanced Shadow Dance
    Extension of your primary cooldown’s duration.

    Enhanced Vanish
    Another benefit that is simply “more of a good thing”.

    Just emphasizing the importance of this talent, this just piles on to the value train that is Vanish.

    Gets the ball rolling, activating both Find Weakness and Sanguinary Vein. You only use this once per fight in the opener but it is very important.

    Your most spammable ability that interacts with Sinister Calling , you use this to build combo points unless Hemorrhage is about to expire or you are in front of the boss. Generates 1 combo point.

    A weaker attack than Backstab that puts up a DoT, use this ability to maintain this bleed or if you are in front of the boss. If you are using the Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins it will activate Sanguinary Vein. Generates 1 combo point.

    This is the ability you will use when you Vanish, Shadow Dance, or Shadowmeld; it activates Find Weakness, does a lot of damage, and generates 2 combo points.

    An ability that generates 2 combo points and is off the global cooldown; you use this ability on your opener and whenever you can during stealth activation during an encounter. It is important to note that this will NOT give you stacks of Anticipation, if you use it while already at 5 combo points you will lose value; use with 3 or less combo points. I would also recommend tracking this cooldown off to the side with a Weak Aura so you can decide whether or not to delay aVanish or shadowmeld.

    Shiv will only see use if you need to dispel an enrage effect, and if you REALLY need to slow something (which you probably won’t).

    This ability is paramount as your highest damage as well as keeping up Sanguinary Vein. This ability follows the 1/3rd rule for DoT effects; if you re-apply Rupture with 1/3rd of it’s normal duration remaining, it will simply add that on top of the new DoT. A 5 combo point rupture lasts 24 seconds, so if you renew it under 8 seconds, it will add 24 seconds. However, even though the new DoT will begin at 32 seconds max, the 1/3rd rule only applies to the original 24 seconds.

    Slice and Dice
    Attack Speed and Energy Regen, maintain this at all times; you want to aim to refresh this outside of a Shadow Dance or Find Weakness window, but aim for 100% uptime.

    This is your generic spender, allowing you to keep the balance of not capping your energy while also not capping out on combo points. Aim to use on a target who has both Find Weakness and Sanguinary Vein for max. damage and value.

    Crimson Tempest
    Your AoE finisher but, if you are considering using crimson tempest on a fight then, you should probably just be playing combat spec.

    Kidney Shot
    A stun that can be used at your discretion or the necessity of the fight.

    Can be used to convert combo points into self healing; should be used at your discretion or the necessity of the fight.

    Deadly Throw
    Only available via talent, only use with 5 combo points on a target you are trying to interrupt from range / if the boss is about to die and you aren’t in melee range. Pretty much, only use this ability if you absolutely need to.

    Shadow Dance
    Allows the use of stealth abilities, reduces the cost of Ambush, and interacts with both your 2pc and 4pc of the tier. Your 2pc restores 60 energy, and your 4 pc gives you a 5 combo point on your next finisher following shadow dance’s expiration. Your goal with shadow dance is to ambush as much as possible; your finisher priorities won’t change but, like I said before, try to avoid needing to refresh Slice and Dice During this time. Because of the one minute cooldown, this lines up perfectly with Beating Heart of the Mountain and Shadow Reflection.

    Shadow Reflection
    A very “interesting” ability to wrap your head around; on the simplest level, you can just macro this into Shadow Dance and not lose very much value, although I would recommend binding it to another key just in case you want to place it on a 2nd target. This ability mimics your abilities so you want to use it when you are going to be doing high damage, especially try to time with finishers. This ability works in some strange ways, it will apply separate applications ofRupture from your own, so you can have 2 ruptures on a target; similarly it will apply a separate Garrote but, neither or those are important to focus on despite being fun to think about.

    This ability is a key component of keeping up Find Weakness, between Glyph of Vanish and Subterfuge the ability will act as a miniature version ofShadow Dance. You’ll want to pool energy before going into a Vanish.

    You want to use this in the first opening in your rotation following a Vanish. for instance, if you are waiting for energy to build up then use prep.

    This is the Night-elf racial and can be used to get a quick Premeditation and Ambush, you will need to stand still and use at 60 energy. This will allow you to increase your uptime on Find Weakness.

    Absolutely the best defensive in the game, in conjunction with Elusiveness, you can be a key player in completing a boss encounter. Rogues and feint are best known for soaking certain mechanics but, feint can be used to simply reduce damage and help your healers; for instance, I try to feint every single Blast on the blast furnace encounter in blackrock foundry, absorbing the brunt of the damage and reducing residual damage from other sources.

    A movement speed increase that can be reset with preparation.

    Smoke Bomb
    Reduces the damage of players standing inside by 10%, this can be extended by Glyph of Smoke Bomb and should be used to reduce high AoE damage.

    Can be used to stop a minion from casting momentarily.

    Can be used to stop a mob from casting momentarily.

    Makes you immune to physical / auto-attack abilities, can be used to avoid a one shot from gaining aggro or during a boss enrage.

    Cloak of Shadows
    Dispels current harmful magic effects and makes you immune to future magical damage; can be used to soak a mechanic or reduce damage.

    Tricks of the Trade
    Helps a tank gain aggro while helping you avoid pulling aggro

    Single Target Rotation
    With the use of Subterfuge, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Weapons should use Deadly Poison, and Crippling Poison

    Priority Explanation

    Subtlety is all about maintaining Slice and Dice and Rupture while aiming to have the highest up-time possible on Find Weakness; on a less important note, you want to try and keep Hemorrhage up on the target but, if the target has Find Weakness it is better to Backstab than maintain the DoT. Once Find Weakness falls, your goal is to re-apply it in the best way possible; Shadow Dance is better than Vanish and Vanish is better than Shadowmeld. It’s important to note that Preparation resets the cooldown on Vanish but should only be used if Vanish has more than a minute left on its cooldown. For the first 80 seconds of the fight, you should be able to keep a solid up-time on Find Weakness; between your first Shadow Dance, 2 Vanish (including prep), Shadowmeld (if you are a Night Elf), and your second Shadow Dance. For AoE I would highly recommend keeping your secondary spec as Combat; if you think you will be AoEing for more than a short period of time, you should probably take that as a sign to swap specs. However, if you are dealing with 4 or more targets you want to keep up Slice and Dice while using Fan of Knives to generate combo points and Crimson Tempest to spend combo points


    -10:00 (when pull timer is at 10 seconds) Premeditation + Tricks of the Trade

    -1:00 (when pull timer is at 1 second) Draenic Agility Potion

    1) Garrote

    2) Ambush

    3) Slice and Dice

    4) Shadow Dance + Shadow Reflection + Beating Heart of the Mountain

    5) Ambush

    6) Rupture

    7) Ambush

    8) Ambush

    9) Eviscerate

    10) Premeditation + Ambush

    Priority List

    1) Keep Slice and Dice up (you can refresh anytime the buff is below 12 seconds)

    2) Keep Rupture on the target (you can re-apply anytime below 8 seconds)

    3) Shadow Dance

    4) Vanish if Find Weakness is not up (pool at least 60 energy before using)

    5) Shadowmeld if Find Weakness is not up (pool at least 60 energy before using)

    6) Premeditation

    7) Ambush

    8) Eviscerate if combo points are 5+ and you won’t cap on energy by using

    9) Backstab if Find Weakness is up

    10) Keep Hemorrhage DoT applied (you can re-apply anytime below 8 seconds) if Find Weakness is down.

    11) Backstab

    Talents Cheat Sheet
    Level 15: Subterfuge

    Level 30: Deadly Throw or Nerve Strike

    Level 45: Elusiveness

    Level 60: Shadowstep

    Level 75: Dirty Tricks

    Level 90: Anticipation

    Level 100: Shadow Reflection

    Talents Advanced
    Level 15: Nightstalker, Subterfuge, Shadow Focus

    Since movement in stealth is mostly irrelevant, this is basically just a 50% damage bonus to your initial hit out of stealth. You won’t see much value from this talent on any sort of encounter.

    Your go to talent for Subtlety: this talent interacts with Vanish and Glyph of Vanish, giving you a large window to use Ambush. Without this talent, you would only be able to get one ambush per stealth.

    Shadow Focus
    The reduction in cost that this talent provides is replaced by waiting and pooling energy before using Vanish. This talent is more of a quality of life benefit than a damage benefit; being able to hit vanish at any energy level is nice, but you won’t see as much damage out of this talent.

    Level 30: Deadly Throw, Nerve Strike, Combat Readiness

    Deadly Throw
    A ranged finishing move that slows the target and has the potential to interrupt when used at 5 combo points. You won’t be using this ability for damage unless you absolutely have to; it is difficult to imagine a scenario where you won’t be able to Shadowstep, or just simply walk, back to the boss to spend your combo points on an Eviscerate or Rupture. This talent would be interesting if the interrupt was activated regardless of combo points spent. If that were the case, I would definitely love the extra Kick; especially when the extra interrupt has a 30 yard range.

    Nerve Strike
    This is a solid choice on a fight where you are going to be stunning mobs; usually when an encounter has add spawns, the tank can become overwhelmed if left unchecked, taking this talent adds an extra level of insurance towards tank-death prevention.

    Combat Readiness
    This is a pvp ability because you need to be getting melee hit in order to begin stacking this and, if you are getting auto attacked in a pve encounter you are either dead or have popped evasion. However, if you were in a battleground being attacked by (say a warrior) you benefit from this talent nicely.

    Level 45: Cheat Death, Leeching Poison, Elusiveness

    Cheat Death
    This talent is the “lazy” choice…you won’t benefit from this as much as Elusiveness as long as you are pressing Feint. That being said, this can be used for damage that can one shot you even through feint; for example: stampers on hans and franz, or trains on thogar, will one shot you regardless of if you are feinting. In scenarios like these, you can elect to reduce the effectiveness of your feints to prevent a potential death. Also, it is important to note that I rotate Cheat Death in a lot more frequently when I am doing CMs

    Leeching Poison
    This is an excellent choice for leveling and is extremely useful for soloing old raid instances that include the scaling damage feature, unfortunately that is the only type of raid instance you will see this in. The healing from this, including the Shiv bonus, is going to be less valuable than Elusiveness and is reactive rather than pro-active. I really enjoy the idea of shiv providing a bonus effect depending on the non-lethal poison you choose; but, Leeching Poison andCrippling Poison are the only two non-lethal poisons and, with a 10 second cooldown on Shiv, you won’t get the value you want out of this talent. If the CD on shiv was removed, it would be an interesting argument between reactive and proactive; Elusiveness is going to prevent damage and Shiv + Leeching Poison is the reactive side. However, I think Elusiveness would be better regardless.

    If you don’t use it, you will lose it: Feint will take you far and the more places you find to use it during a boss encounter, the less damage you will take. Feinthas no cooldown and having an on demand 30% damage reduction is like having a Defensive Stance that also reduces AoE damage by 50%. Playing a rogue is synonymous with “soak” mechanics; and, if you are going to do a job, you should give yourself the best tool for the job.

    Level 60: Cloak and Dagger, Shadowstep, Burst of Speed

    Cloak and Dagger
    I can’t imagine this being used over Shadowstep and I think not working with Shadow Dance is the ole proverbial nail in the coffin as far as this talent is concerned. For arguments sake, let’s say this worked with Shadow Dance; you would have a Killing Spree like movement effect if you were spammingAmbush but, that can be a dangerous situation. The lack of flexibility and impact takes this talent off the table.

    This is the most powerful and my recommendation for this tier; being able to target an ally gives you the flexibility to use this to both close a gap, or dodge a dangerous mechanic. As if a teleport wasn’t enough, you also get a 2 second Sprint attached to the end of this ability; I wouldn’t swap away from this talent unless I was extremely worried about moving quickly and constantly.

    Burst of Speed
    This is the “quickly and constantly” that I was just talking about. Although it can have 100% uptime, the energy spending can be a burden; also, the instances where you would need a Sprint for an extended period of time are few and far between (hanz and franz is the only fight I take this talent on).

    Level 75: Prey on the Weak, Internal Bleeding, Dirty Tricks

    Prey on the Weak
    This talent is a one-trick pony: you can only really benefit from this if you are stunning a mob that you are also focusing down. Because of this, I would see this being used more in challenge modes than in raids. Outside of PvE, this is almost certainly the talent used for PvP.

    Internal Bleeding
    I feel like this talent accomplishes the same goal as Prey on the Weak but is probably less damage depending on the situation. If you are stunning a mob that people aren’t focusing, this will be more damage than Prey on the Weak; but, if my goal was to CC a target that wasn’t being focused I would hope that they could be Blinded so I could just use Dirty Tricks.

    Dirty Tricks
    A talent I actually like a lot; and, although it is quite rare for you to use Gouge or Blind, a reduction of 45 and 15 energy respectively is nothing to look down at. Blind and Gouge are both useful in interrupting / delaying a cast from a non-boss mob. This can come in handy for interrupting things like Repair on the blast furnace encounter and is an all-star talent in challenge modes; being able to stop certain casts in these dungeons can be paramount (solar shower in skyreach, stone bulwark in bloodmaul slagmines, activating a sentry cannon in UBRS, etc.).

    Level 90: Shuriken Toss, Marked for Death, Anticipation

    Shuriken Toss
    I have yet to find a use for this ability in a raid environment. The design of this ability is just completely alien compared to the other two choices in this tier; it is hard to compare a ranged attack to abilities that interact with combo point gaining and spending. I’ve only ever used this to solo elites while leveling and I can’t imagine using it for anything else.

    Marked for Death
    Besides being a huge quality of life gain for your opener (you can get a 5 point slice and dice running before the pull), the benefit of this is completely dependent on the amount of reset opportunities that you are able to take advantage of during a fight. Operator Thogar is an excellent example of a fight where you can get a lot of value from getting multiple reset. I wouldn’t recommend this talent if you are learning rogue because doing an optimal rotation with multiple resets can be complicated.

    Anticipation makes it virtually impossible to waste combo points by going over cap and adds a bit of depth to your rotation by giving you the ability to pool 9 combo points and use 5 point finishers on a target swap. Between Relentless Strikes and Honor Among Thieves, your combo point generation is going to be heightened and taking this talent is going to give you some breathing room as far as getting full value from these abilities is concerned.

    Level 100: Venom Rush, Shadow Reflection, Death from Above

    Venom Rush
    Without blade flurry to spread your poisons, you would have to use Fan of Knives or target swap to get full value out of this talent; that being said, I don’t think you really need the energy regeneration that this talent is going to bring to the table. Your Item - Rogue T17 Subtlety 2P Bonus and good uptime onSlice and Dice is going to be more than enough energy.

    Shadow Reflection
    This talent excels for Subtlety because of the fact that it aligns with Shadow Dance and Beating Heart of the Mountain. While you can get away with macroing this into your Shadow Dance I would recommend putting it on a separate bind to allow yourself the flexibility of placing your reflection on a second target. This is going to be your go to talent for every fight.

    Death from Above
    This talent just doesn’t do enough damage to justify use; between a 50 energy cost (25 if you count Relentless Strikes) and a long animation, I’ve never been satisfied casting this ability. I think this ability would be interesting if it just replaced Eviscerate (although if that happened it would just be a different ability), like “empowered eviscerate” that just gave eviscerate extra damage and perhaps a 5 combo point bonus effect would really grab my attention.

    Glyph of Energy
    This is a rogue favorite, every spec can take advantage of the extra room for both opening up, as well as the added insurance against energy capping during lust and similar high-energy situations

    Glyph of Vanish
    This glyph allows you more access to your stealth abilities; between this and Subterfuge you will be able to more reliably Ambush for Find Weaknessand gain the value of Premeditation.

    Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins
    This makes Hemorrhage apply the Sanguinary Vein debuff and is the optimal single target damage glyph. This is going to be your “flex” glyph slot and I would recommend using some of the following glyphs instead (depending on the environment and situation).

    Glyph of Feint
    Considering my fondness of Elusiveness, this glyph is one of my favorites to use; being able to extend such a powerful defensive is great and by using it on a specific ability, such as Blast on Blast Furnace, you will soak up residual damage as well. Although you could technically “just feint more”, this glyph changes the way your rotation will flow; for instance, on Blackhand phase 1, this glyph allows you to use 2 feints per demolition as opposed to 3 without the glyph.

    These are the only glyphs I could actually see using during a raid encounter. Otherwise I would simply recommend having some fun with Glyph of Disguise and Ai-Li's Skymirror; also Glyph of Detection is a pretty decent animation to spam while afk in Stormwind.

    Glyph of Safe Fall

    Glyph of Blurred Speed

    Glyph of Poisons

    Explanation of other Glyphs
    Glyph of Deadly Momentum
    It is hard to juggle both Recuperate and Slice and Dice unless you are killing mobs quickly but; this is an excellent glyph for leveling and even if you are just extending a 5 combo point SnD for a minute or two, the bottom line is that this glyph saves you combo points so you can Eviscerate more.

    Glyph of Cloak of Shadows
    With Elusiveness, you won’t be using this glyph unless there is absolutely no magic damage; and even then you probably won’t choose to use this glyph.

    Glyph of Recovery or Glyph of Recuperate
    I don’t recuperate often and I can’t imagine wanting to use this unless I was using it in conjunction with Glyph of Deadly Momentum for leveling.

    Glyph of Gouge
    On a stationary target in PvE, you can simply run in front of the mob if you need to use Gouge. I can see this being used in pvp because of the enemy players movement being a factor but, you won’t see this used in a raid.

    Glyph of Ambush
    This is a glyph of low value: you aren’t getting value out of it unless you are using Ambush and you only get value if you (for some reason) can’t get closer than 5 yards to the target. I would hope you could just move closer to your target rather than use this glyph.

    Glyph of Blind
    This is a good glyph for PvP, for instance: if you wanted to CC a healer and go for a kill in arena, but the healer had DoTs on them, Blind would remove them and prevent it from breaking.

    Glyph of Cheap Shot
    In a raid environment, a Kidney Shot is usually enough in terms of stunning a target; not to mention you more than likely rely on the other players in the raid to stun the mob with an ability like Hammer of Justice or Leg Sweep. That being said, this is valuable with Shadow Dance and can be justified in PvP.

    Glyph of Elusiveness, Glyph of Evasion, or Glyph of Energy Flows
    These are another decent option for leveling but, outside of using them to solo an elite mob or increase overall mitigation while leveling, you won’t be using these glyphs in a raid environment. Between Preparation and the uncommon use of evasion (I use this when I get aggro on a mob but most threat issues are solved quickly or can be improved with better use of Tricks of the Trade), you won’t need these glyphs to make evasion relevant.

    Glyph of Garrote
    This is going to be used primarily for pvp in order to extend a cc train on a healer. Although this interacts well with Shadow Reflection and Shadow Dance (your reflection will silence them with its garrote and you can interrupt mobs with garrote in your dance), I would consider this overkill in PVE.

    Glyph of Kick
    In a pve scenario, interrupt rotations in particular, you are most likely going to have a partner (or partners) whose presence are going to render this glyph obsolete.

    Glyph of Shiv
    Interesting with non-lethal poison bonuses and enrage dispel, but nothing that would justify using it over another glyph. As I mentioned in the talent portion of this guide, I would like to see Shiv have no cooldown; between the lack of Shiv usage in general and other players in your raid being able to dispel enrage effects as well, this won’t be used.

    Glyph of Sprint
    I never have had the urge to move faster, so much as more often (Burst of Speed); I can’t see this being needed with Shadowstep.

    Glyph of Stealth
    This glyph brings no benefit in combat and I have no idea when this rune is intended to be used. It could probably pass as a minor glyph.

    Agility > Multistrike > Mastery > Critical Strike > Haste > Versatility

    Sinister Calling makes multistrike shoot to the top of your (secondary stat) priority list; that being said, agility upgrades will be your main priority. Because of this, you are going to want to use the gear with the highest item level that includes: 4 pc tier, beating heart of the mountain, a dagger main hand, and then an offhand (dagger>2.6 weapon). Here is a brief description of what each stat does:

    Agility is a primary stat that provides 1 Attack Power (AP) per point. A many of our abilities use a percentage of attack power to the damage they deal.

    Mastery: Executioner Increases the damage of your finishing moves, and the effectiveness of your Slice and Dice.

    Critical Strike increases the chance to critically hit with abilities.

    Haste increases attack speed and energy regeneration rate.

    Versatility increases all damage and healing done, and decreases all damage taken.

    Multistrike causes abilities to have a chance to hit a second and a third time, each dealing 30% of the initial damage.

    Lethal poison: Deadly Poison for PvE and Wound Poison for PvP
    Non-lethal poison: Crippling Poison (or Leeching Poison if you are using it)

    Rings: Enchant Ring - Gift of Multistrike
    Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Gift of Multistrike
    Neck: Enchant Neck - Gift of Multistrike
    Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Mark of the Frostwolf Main hand; Enchant Weapon - Mark of Bleeding Hollow offhand. I really don’t like how mark of the frostwolf works and because of that I like to change the enchant on my offhand. (you can use double mark of the frostwolf but the potential of having it on 1 weapon is the same as having it on both weapons, however the uptime of 2 stacks will be higher with both weapons enchanted)
    Gems: Greater Multistrike Taladite

    Food: Salty Squid Roll
    Potion: Commander's Draenic Agility Potion
    Flask: Greater Draenic Agility Flask

    Slot Item Source
    Helmet Poisoner's Helmet Iron Maidens
    Necklace Engineer's Grounded Gorget Gruul
    Shoulder Poisoner's Spaulders Thogar
    Cloak Drape of the Dark Hunt Iron Maidens
    Chest Poisoner's Tunic Flamebender
    Bracer Bracers of Shattered Stalactites Kromog
    Gloves Poisoner's Gloves Iron Maidens
    Waist Conductor's Multi-Pocket Girdle Thogar
    Legs Shattering Smash Leggings Black Hand
    Boots Treads of the Dark Hunt Iron Maidens
    Ring Unexploded Explosive Shard Oregorger
    Weapon Oregorger's Acid-Etched Gutripper Oregorger
    Weapon Oregorger's Acid-Etched Gutripper Oregorger
    Trinket Beating Heart of the Mountain Kromog
    Trinket Humming Blackiron Trigger Blackhand

    Blackrock Foundry
    Spec Disclaimer:

    While these are the optimal set-ups and strategies for Subtlety, I would recommend being combat for the following fights: Hanz and Franz, Beastlord Darmac, Operator Thogar, Blast Furnace, and Iron Maidens.


    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Standard single target fight: avoid the explosive shards and assist with interrupts; during phase two, damage ore crates while avoiding the roll (you can evasion and face the boss to dodge the roll). Try to maintain Feint during phase two to alleviate damage.


    [paste:font size="3"] Hans’gar & Franzok

    Subterfuge, Cheat Death, Burst of Speed, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Your energy and combo point generation during the opener is going to be quite high so, feel free to rupture your non-primary target; but, other than that treat as a standard single target fight. Your priority on this fight is avoiding whatever the environment throws at you, to counteract this, I recommend using burst of speed to move quickly out of dangerous areas; Cheat Death can act as a get out of jail free card for this fight.


    Beastlord Darmac

    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Single target fight all the way: when the Pack Beasts come out, you can use Fan of Knives to generate combo points but I would still put all of my combo point spending into single target damage. Usually the Pack Beasts die so quickly from other people’s AoE your damage won’t matter on them. Use Feint on Tantrums and Epicenters, avoid Rend and Tear by moving away from the tank during a leap, and avoid the rylak’s breath as best you can (keep in mind you canCloak of Shadows the debuff off).


    [paste:font size="3"] Gruul

    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection


    This is the “Patchwerk” fight of the instance, you are just focusing on doing your best single-target rotation. However, be sure to Feint each inferno slice that your group is soaking and avoid Overhead Smash; You can also Cloak of Shadows the inferno slice but I would recommend saving it in case you get struck by a flare.


    Flamebender Ka’graz
    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Put as much single target damage into her as possible until the wolves come out; once they are fixated on players, Fan of Knives and put up Crimson Tempest. Continue to FoK but now spend combo points on single-target finishers; once the wolves are dead, return to your single-target rotation. At 100 energy the boss will channel firestorm, feint this and use cloak of shadows if you accidentally get too many stacks from the fire or are in danger of dying


    [paste:font size="3"] Operator Thogar

    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    This fight is all about focusing your damage on the most important target. For most of the fight it will be single target but, when a Man at Arms spawn, you must focus it and change your rotation slightly. When the Man at Arms joins the fight, he brings a lot of small adds with him; while these are alive us fan of knives to generate combo points while dropping single-target finishers into the man at arms. When these mobs die, there will usually just be Operator Thogar, a Firemender, and the Man at Arms remaining; use your normal single-target rotation from then on. Be careful of trains and getting too many stacks of the fire (both abilities that you can use cloak of shadows to prevent / remove)


    Blast Furnace
    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Another strong priority fight: focus Bellows operators > engineers> security guards in phase one while interrupting repair casts. Phase two you are going to want to save your cooldowns for each Primal elementalist and then, while they are immune, focus on killing and interrupting firecallers. You can mitigate a lot of damage using feint and cloak of shadows; aim to feint every single Blast cast.


    [paste:font size="3"] Kromog

    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Single target fight until rune of grasping earth, use feint to mitigate Slam and stone breath casts while using cloak of shadows to completely immune stone breath. Once you are in a hand, alternate fan of knives and crimson tempest while keeping up slice and dice and rupture. During the stone pillar phase, if your assigned pillar is up not-first: then put some damage and a rupture on an early pillar before shadowsteping to the appropriate pillar.


    Iron Maidens
    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Complete single target, you want to feint as much damage as possible and focus your damage on the highest target. Save your cooldowns for the boat phase and for phase 2; you won’t do much cleave damage so aim to speed up potentially dangerous parts of the fight. Once again, feint is your friend; but, you cannot cloak of shadows Crystalized Blood.


    Subterfuge, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Anticipation, Shadow Reflection

    Completely single target as far as damage is concerned; the only potential change you might make is using shadow reflection on Blackhand while focusing your damage on a demolisher. Maintain feint for the duration of demolitions in phase 1. For phase 2, you are probably going to be tasked with running out of range for mortar; if this is the case, you are going to want to start running when the tank is around 75 energy and make sure you are hugging a wall. By hugging a wall the amount of fire is severely reduced. For phase 3 you are going to want to soak every Shaterring Smash; be sure to have feint up for the initial damage from this ability. Because the phase is damage intensive I would recommend keeping feint up the entire phase. Save cloak of shadows in case you get Slagged; if you soak a shattering smash while slagged you are likely to get one shot, even with feint up.

    I won’t be much help if you are looking for some complex macros or “one size, fits all” UI; I think that your UI should be something that you are comfortable with, that being said here are some addons I would suggest:


    Big Wigs

    Angry Assignments


    Grid (raid frame)

    Shadowed Unit Frames

    Dominos (bar addon)

    The only thing I can say is that I put “/startattack” in all of my ability macros, I have Tricks of the Trade macros for each tank in the raid, trinket macroed intoShadow Dance, and a macro that is:

    #showtooltip Premeditation
    /cast Premeditation
    /cast Ambush

    I use this for when I Shadowmeld.

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