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    In short, a complete redesign of the website. It will represent the most modern and cutting edge of design and technology

    Design language and programming:
    • Modern Deco (A combination of modern minimalism and Art Deco. See master design document)
    • No flash, all HTML 5 based

    • Restricted Shoutbox
    • A search bar to rule them all. Search functionality works, also if you type in the name of a item, say [mmoci]Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros[/mmoci], it will look it up on Wowhead and appear in a dropdown (Is this even possible?)
    • Fully featured and intuitive BBCode for Wowhead, WoWDB
    • Notification Bar
    • Universal menu bar (Forum menu bar will match the frontpage)
    • Mumble integration (Can be changed to ventrilo/teamspeak if need arises)
    • Twitter integration
    • Chat integration
    • Able to display video as the hero "image" and play directly
    • Ability for images to go outside the boundry properly
    • Image flipbook functionality (Like current frontpage)
    • One account to access them all. Your forum account will access the front page, chat, shoutbox and forums
    • For Admins, the forum account will also grant access to the admin panels
    • Full HiDPI compatibility. 326 ppi
    • Non HiDPI mode for those without the proper display. 120 ppi
    • Integration of the automated application
    • Capability for members able to download large files without FTP access

    You will be in charge of executing the master design of the new site. Graphics will be created by me and uploaded to you in 3 sizes. You will decide how to implement the inner workings of the site, however I would prefer the site be built from the ground up. I would also like to supervise the coding via Mumble, so when a change is made I can see how you did it (learning experience) and also to fix any problems that may have not been foreseen by us. This is a paid job.

    • Passion to execute the project
    • Well versed with HTML 5 markup and CSS 3
    • Must be able to treat this as a serious side project
    • Must be willing to iterate
    • Commitment
  2. rent

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