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    The completion of each phase of production represents a big milestone in the project and a reason for celebration! The phases of production are listed below along with the date of start and finish.

    Pre-Production (6/5/2012 - 7/28/1012)
    This is the phase of production where the team is chosen and brought up to speed. Primary concepting work is also completed.

    Pre-Production Tasks:
    • In depth concepts and explanations for all critical elements of the design - Sufficient
    • Choosing a new forum system - Done
    • Choosing a new provider - Done
    • Visualizing Modern Deco - Done
    • Mockups - Sufficient
    • Master Design Document - Sufficient
    • Programmer job description - Done
    • Find compatible programmer - Done
    • Financials - Done
    • Foreseeing the future (technical) - Done

    Production (7/28/2012 - 12/4/2012)
    After pre-production comes the production phase. In this phase, primary implementation of the concepts made in pre-production are carried out.

    Production Tasks:
    • Finalizing Pay for Labor - Done
    • Opening Donations after Annoucement - Done
    • Oversee construction of the site - In Progress
    • Purchase all necessary fonts/software - Done
    • Mockups - In Progress
    • Master Design Document - Done

    Post-Production (12/4/2012 - 12/18/2012)
    Post production is where the finishing touches and critical last minute additions are carried out. It's also crunch time because the release date will be fast approaching.
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    A toast to the team! We are about to enter the production phase of the project =D
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    Concluesion of Phase 0 Production Phase and Post-Production Deadlines

    *A specific date indicates non-negotiable completion deadline


    • Rob completes CSS implementation of Rank & File and the Apply Page
    • Sean completes work on automated application programming and artwork
    • Sean The Cactar master design is "completed"
    • Rob & Sean December 2/3 Production meeting discussion The Cactar design
    • Sean 2nd dry run of The Cactar setup

    Anticipated completion date: Tuesday, December 4th


    • Sean December 4th, Part 1 Movie poster posted, signifying beginning of Post-Production Phase 0
    • Sean Icon design and creation for The Cactar
    • Sean Cactar Chat is implemented on its real domain name, (or
    • Sean December 7th (Remember Pearl Harbor day), Release day version of The Cactar is installed on its real domain name, All addons and automated applications are installed and properly configured
    • Rob Polishing Pass 1 on all Phase 0 pages
    • Rob The Cactar design is configured on Testbed
    • Rob File folders cleaned up
    • Sean Favicons
    • Sean December 11th Part 2 movie poster posted
    • Sean December 11th, according to Roadmap to Release, I will formally announce the one week warning that the current site will become unavailable starting on Friday
    • Sean December 14th - 16th, possible to spill over to the 17th, Real forum import occurs, permissions tested
    • Rob December 14th - early 18th, extensive final polishing pass on Phase 0
    • Sean December 18th, Dedication Ceremony before raid around 7:20pm, trust me this time the script will be extensively rehearsed. Entire production team to be in attendance
    • Sean December 18th Final movie poster posted

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