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    Mini Dash ShoutBox

    The ShoutBox on the Mini Dashboard is different from the main Dashboard's (One on the Home Page) ShoutBox in a number of ways.

    First, there is no text input box. Users must go to the main Dashboard to input text into the ShoutBox.

    This I can do myself, but it is a difference I want to list: mousing over the black "ShoutBox" will highlight it in bronze and the text will change to read "Reply Now to Comments" clicking on this will take the user to the main Dashboard

    The Mini Dashboard ShoutBox's frame is smaller than the main Dashboard ShoutBox. Sounds simple to fix via iFrame

    I would like users to be able to unlock text input on the Mini Dasboard ShoutBox if they have earned enough website currency to purchase an unlock. Website currency can be made from the Stock Market and Sportsbook. Unlocked text input will work just like the main ShoutBox's text input.

    What's New

    What's New is a way for users to see what's going on in The Cactar. It pulls information from

    Which means it is unique per user. Up to 3 will be visible at once, but the user may scroll by mouse or finger if there are more than 3 posts that are new at once. Users will also be able to view the entire list if they prefer by clicking on "View all Recent Messages Instead". (See images below)

    If there is no new post, a text string will appear saying there are "No New Unread Posts on The Cactar"

    What's new functions the same on both the Mini Dashboards and the main Dashboard (One on the Home Page)

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