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Discussion in 'Production' started by rent, Dec 13, 2012.

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    1. Website Background

    Still doesn't look like widescreen mockups. I have provided a kit, now avaialable on the FTP. It includes design notes and a kit of two images.

    2. Feature Slider

    Get rid of arrows sitting partially outside the container, instead make the entire right/left hand side of image move to next image if clicked or touched. Additionally, dots in lower right corner (high enough to not interfere with Youtube controls) to jump to a specific image in slider. See attachment for visualization

    3. XenForo Skinning

    Along with the website background kit, I have included the design mockup for XenForo reskinning. XenForo has a template called EXTRA.css which is designed to be modified and thats where most of the action will be taking place. The ShoutBox/New Topics will not function, however theres going to be a placeholder image representing what will look like the ShoutBox/New Topics will be there teasing that its coming soon. This placeholder image will be attached to the header so it will appear on all pages controlled by XenForo.

    Additionally, the main font that will be used is Vectora Roman. Included in the kit is the LEGAL version of Vectora 55 Roman. Please delete the old Vectora as that is illegal.

    4. Rank & File

    Movie Poster BOLD font is messed up on iOS devices

    Carrosserie Regular (loaded with header) over Carrosserie XLight bolded

    5. Footer

    Last Word vectora replaced with Last Word header logo. Changing because writing Last Word in two different fonts is confusing to the user. Which one is the logo? Additionally, save money because the Vectora bold font it must be written in is not free (Vectora Roman articfically bolded does not look good in footer).

    6. Links

    Clicking Last Word in the footer or in the header will take you back to

    ALSO, Rank & File, History, and Top change color when moused over and will not have that purple link color that it currently has. See navigation bar for example. Instead of Red, it'll be Bronze (See rank and file design mockup I sent to you for the bronze color)

    Additionally, TOP might become an arrow icon. If it does I will let you know asap

    7. File Cleanup

    The testbed folder is quite a mess, let's clean it up before moving it over to lwlol

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