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  1. Thorius

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    Section 1: Character
    1. Character name: Pazinga
    2. Realm: Korgath
    3. Primary spec and class: Brewmaster monk
    4. When did this character become your primary character?: About 3 weeks into MoP
    5. Armory link:
    6. Epeen Bot link:
    7. World of Logs parse link:

    Section 2: Real Life
    1. Real first name: Will
    2. Gender: Male
    3. Age: 18
    4. Country/State: USA, CA
    5. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?: 5 Years
    6. Tell us a little bit about yourself: Well im 18 years old, Love to play baseball on the weekend with friends very active person gym when i can. I Play other games other than WoW, Such as LoL and CoD on my xbox.
    7. Upcoming circumstances that can prevent you from raiding: None, new job I got out at 530 Pst

    Section 3: Computer
    1. How old is your computer?: 3 years
    2. Video card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset
    3. Amount of memory: 4096MB RAM

    Section 4: Short Response
    1. Why did you choose Last Word?: I picked Last Words because I can make those raid times

    2. Reason(s) for leaving your previous guild: The reason im leaving my guild is that my raid group disbanded and I want to find a new raid

    3. What specs/classes have you raided as in the past?: Ele/resto in BC-Wotlk
    Mage all 3 specs all of cata
    Brewmaster MoP

    4. Favorite title you've earned on the character you're applying as: Monks are fairly new so none, but my most favorite title would be my ".The Celestial Defender" from Server First Algalon

    5. What was your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft so far?: I think it was in ulduar when we were doing Firefighter and it was at 2% and we were going to wipe but i anhked blow all my CD on my shaman and my Flameshock was what killed it while our pally tank used his bubble and let dots take him down and my flameshock was the last dot on it and we all just yelled because that was the last part we needed for the algalon key

    6. What goals do you wish to achieve in World of Warcraft? Which goals have you already accomplished?: I want to achieve being the top monk on my realm, being the top guild on the realm. None so far but i hope to achieve it soon.

    7. Fill out the template. You may touch on Vanilla/Burning Crusade experience if you choose to do so: MISTS OF PANDARIA: Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults 4/6, Heroic Heart of Fear 0/6, Normal Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4 CATACLYSM: Heroic Dragon Soul 8/8, Heroic Firelands 7/7, Heroic Throne of the Four Winds 2/2, Heroic Bastion of Twilight 5/5, Heroic Blackwing Descent 5/5 WRATH OF THE LICH KING: Heroic Icecrown Citadel 4/12, Trial of the Grand Crusader 4/5, Hard Mode Ulduar 10/10

    Section 5: Theorycrafting
    1. Explain your priority or rotation: I prioritize keeping my shuffle up with blackout kick
    so my roation is usually Keg Smash Tiger palm jab jab Blackout kick Keg smash blackout kick jab jab tiger palm
    This is so that my shuffle has at least 9-11 secs up

    2. Haste, Critical, or Mastery? Choose one and explain why: Currently I am trying mastery as my main stat because of the of the stagger increase so I take less dmg upfront and I can cleanse more off
    But i have tried Haste and both are very good stats for the monk tank

    3. Is there anything questionable about your gear or reforging decisions? If so, explain here. Otherwise, leave blank: I am gemming mastery in all my gem slots with stam because I take less damage and from the research i had done this was the best for heroic progression

    Section 6: Interface and Binds
    1. What do you have Q, E, A, S and D bound to?: Q:KegSmash E:TigerPalm A:Left Movement S:Back movement(don't back Pedal D: Right Movement

    2. Upload a screenshot of your user interface: [​IMG]

    3. If your keybindings are not shown in the screenshot you provided in question 2, please show them here. Leave blank otherwise:

    Section 7: Statistics
    1. How did you learn about us?: World of Warcraft Forums
    2. Besides filling the application out, what did you least like about our application experience?: Pretty simple app tbh
    3. Which webpage did you like most?: The main one
  2. Pyru

    Pyru Raider

  3. Waffles

    Waffles Raider

    I would like to know a little bit more about your computer and your ISP. What kind of fps/latency do you get during a 25m raid setting? It looks like it could be a problem with your hardware.
  4. Lindorn

    Lindorn Officer

    Hello, thank you for applying. I have a few questions for you about tanking in general.

    How long have you had experience in a tanking role?
    How well do you play, with all the responsibility in a tanking role? How consistent do you feel you are?
    Are you very vocal in a raid setting?
    How would you describe your decision making skills? predefined? reactive?

    Also, do you dps/heal? How is your gear for those specs? Would you be comfortable playing offspec roles?
    Where do you do your theorycrafting ? Look at any tank monks in specific for references?

    There will probably be some more monk oriented questions later as well.
  5. Abbador

    Abbador Emeritus

    We are going to go ahead and pass on your trial. Thank you for your time and good luck in your search!
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