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    You have accepted to be bound to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    As a member of the production team for Project 005, you have agreed to the following:

    • In all discussions related to this Project, you will refer to it by its codename for the duration of production: "the project"
    • Visit and post in this forum regularly any updates to your portion of the project
    • Be able to attend Mumble meetings
    • Finish with utmost quality your portion of the project by the deadline. No compromises in detail or quality. Deadline will be agreed upon by all team members and will be reasonable
    • Be willing to share your screen over skype when/if needed

    You will never

    • Discuss the existence of this forum to anyone playing World of Warcraft
    • Divulge any information regarding this Project to anyone currently playing World of Warcraft
    • Tease anyone about future "awesome" events that could relate to the Project
    • Talk about the Project in Mumble, Ventrilo, Skype, Chatrooms, WoW chat, RealID chat, or any form of spoken, written, or any other form of communication including use of pictures to anyone besides team members
    • You will take all neccesary precautions to ensure that no one is eavesdropping on any team conversation
    • Anything that seems like it may constitute as a violation of this non-disclosure agreement not mentioned herein. Discussion with people who are NOT playing World of Warcraft AND NOT related to anyone in the WoW guild Last Word is allowed (Example: girlfriend, wife, etc)
    • If someone were to attempt to pry any information or even the slightest hint of the progress of this project, the proper response will be "Rent is too busy to be working on such things, which means that there is nothing happening ATM" and change the subject
    • The terms of this Non Disclosure Agreement will expire with the public launch of the Project
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    rent Guild Master

    Tuesday, August 7th @ 6:50pm is approaching fast. Just a reminder that even after the announcement, details about stuff that isn't revealed in the announcement post is still under wraps.

    Thank you,

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