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    Section 1: Character
    1. Character name: Maleficer
    2. Realm: Dragonblight
    3. Primary spec and class: DESTRUCTION WARLOCK
    4. Battle tag: Pain#1829
    5. Armory link:
    6. Warcraft Logs character rankings:
    7. Parse link:

    Section 2: Real Life
    1. Real first name: Sergio
    2. Gender: Male
    3. Age: 22
    4. Country/State: Miami
    5. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?: Start of Cata
    6. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am currently starting my BA in information technology I am looking to be a programmer in the future hopefully, I am a huge nerd when it comes to anime and manga I read and watch a whole bunch. Huge football fan Go Dolphins! and I like to play other games when I get the chance with friends, league ect.
    7. Upcoming circumstances that can prevent you from raiding: Only thing that I have coming up is to attend Blizcon this year beside that unless a real life emergency happens I don't see anything stopping me from raiding.

    Section 3: Computer
    1. How old is your computer?: 2014 Gaming Asus Laptop
    2. Video card: Nvidia Geforce 745M
    3. Amount of memory (RAM): 8.0 GB

    Section 4: Short Response
    1. Why did you choose Last Word?: I believe that I can be a top tier player and your raid times work perfectly for me I want to be able to clear content when it is recent.

    2. Reason(s) for leaving your previous guild: The Leadership of the guild stopped playing and its time to look for other homes.

    3. What specs/classes have you raided as in the past?: Warlock all 3 specs destroy/affly/demon
    Warrior all 3 specs Arms/fury/Protection

    4. Favorite title you've earned on the character you're applying to raid with: Of the Black Harvest (warlock thing)

    5. What was your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft so far?: My most memorable moment for me was when I was raiding in a guild called Adpat, we are doing progression on Mythic Gruul we kept whipping around 3-4% so I told my warlock partner ( watch im taking dark bargin this pull and we are going to kill it because I will tank it at the end) we proceed with the pull and just like I called it Gruul focused me and I popped Dark Bargain tanked him for 8 sec and we got the kill was a pretty great personal moment.

    6. What goals do you wish to achieve in World of Warcraft? Which goals have you already accomplished?: My Goals is to be a top warlock player and to kill mythic bosses while its current and without nerfs and to raid in a top guild and perform to the best of my ability.

    7. Fill out the template. Include content you've cleared only while it was current: WARLORDS OF DRAENOR
    TIER 18: Mythic Hellfire Citadel 2/13
    TIER 17: Mythic Highmaul 6/7, Mythic Blackrock Foundry 7/10

    Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14, Heroic Throne of Thunder 4/13, Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults 6/6, Heroic Heart of Fear 6/6, Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4

    Heroic Dragon Soul 2/8, Heroic Firelands 6/7, Heroic Throne of the Four Winds 0/2, Heroic Bastion of Twilight 3/5, Heroic Blackwing Descent 3/6

    Heroic Lich King 0/1, Tribute to Insanity: Yes/No

    Replace with server firsts, cutting edge achievements and anything else raid related here...

    Section 5: Theorycrafting
    1. Explain your priority or rotation: Rotation for Destro goes as follow Pre pot, pre incinerate, pre immolate conflag x2 incinerate x2 by that time you should have 3 full embers and you launch Chaos Bolt with full procs up, you continue your rotation by keeping immolate up at all times conflag on CD and chaos bolting when you are at 3 or 3.5 embers when the target is below 20% your replace chaos bolt with Shadowburn., The Thing that makes a good warlock is how effect he uses his Havoc, Havoc Shadowburn Target your main target with havoc and then shadowburn the other target below 20% and try to get as many shadowburns offs to, not only does it do great cleave you also refresh your embers when the target dies under shadowburn debuff., In an AoE Situation you would use Fire and brimstone and save up to 3 embers to AoE Chaos bolt when targets start hitting below 20% you would havoc and shadowburn cleave down.

    For affy the rotaion has become fairly dumb down, keep dots up 100% of the time maintain soulburn haunt 100% of the time if haunt is already on the target and you have 4 shards use haunt so you wont waste a nightfall proc and just keep dots up don't let any of them fall for max dps.

    2. Versatility, Multistrike, Haste, Critical, OR Mastery? Choose one and explain why: Mastery, why I pick mastery because its one of the most important ones as a destroy warlock, the more mastery you have the more effectiveness your abilities that generate embers are which means more embers to use for Chaos Bolts, Shadowburns, Fire and brimstone (aoe)

    3. Is there anything you think we may question about your gear, gem or enchant decisions? If so, explain here. Otherwise, leave blank:

    Section 6: Interface and Binds
    1. What do you have Q, W, E, A, S and D bound to?: Q:Turn left W:Forward E:Turn right A:Strafe left S:Backpedle D:strafe right

    2. Upload a screenshot of your user interface: Linked at the bottom of the application

    3. If your keybindings are not shown in the screenshot you provided in question 2, please show them here. Leave blank otherwise:

    Section 7: Statistics
    1. How did you learn about us?: WoWprogress.
    2. Besides filling the application out, what did you least like about our application experience?: I actually liked it its very organized unlike other guild webpages.
    3. Which webpage did you like most?:
    I stream so I can go back and look at raids and I really like your stream page

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    We have room in our roster for another ranged caster. Are you free to talk in mumble later tonight? 11 PST or so?
  3. Maleficer

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    Yes sir I would be able to talk
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    Thank you for your interest in Last Word, currently our ranged roster is full. Best of luck in your search.

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