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    Section 1: Character
    1. Character name: Jec
    2. Realm: Eredar
    3. Primary spec and class: Combat Rogue
    4. Battle tag: imind#1442
    5. Armory link:
    6. Warcraft Logs character ranking:
    7. Parse link:

    Section 2: Real Life
    1. Real first name: Jon
    2. Gender: Male
    3. Age: 32
    4. Country/State: USA/TX
    5. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?: Closed Beta 2004
    6. Tell us a little bit about yourself: BS in Math and Mechanical Engineering with 2 minors. PhD graduate student at an ivy league (out of residence atm) researching nanotechnology with regards to renewable energy and bioengineering. My fiance is finishing up medical school. I'm a former US Marine from 2004-2009, multiple deployments overseas.
    7. Upcoming circumstances that can prevent you from raiding: Friend's wedding this weekend, and an upcoming temporary move to Miami in November for a medical school thing. The move should be only a few weeks, I expect to lose net access for at most a couple days during the transition which would almost assuredly occur during the weekend.

    Section 3: Computer
    1. How old is your computer?: 2012
    2. Video card: GTX 680 (x3)
    3. Amount of memory (RAM): 16 gb

    Section 4: Short Response
    1. Why did you choose Last Word?: I saw the guild on the recruitment section of the wow forums.

    2. Reason(s) for leaving your previous guild: The intent behind the start of the expansion was to build a mythic guild, that focus has shifted and seems no longer possible as poor attendance seems to be propagating.

    3. What specs/classes have you raided as in the past?: Aside from rogue I have raided as a Spriest from T4-T8 and Mage from T1-T2.5

    4. Favorite title you've earned on the character you're applying to raid with: The Immortal

    5. What was your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft so far?: My favorite moment is easily during an Illidan kill, on my shadowpriest. It was with <Months Behind> on Nathrezim as a trial during a farm run in which they typically sold 3-5 slots of gear. SWP was opening the very next week. During p1 the warrior had died right before transition. Due to spriest threat generation I was next in line for threat, as Illidan cast shear I happened to dodge the attack and we pushed into p2. P2 was normal and I was cross dotting both eles. We transition to p3 normally and I'm near the left pillar, the tank dies again right before demon phase and I tank Illidan for a single hit. He transitions to demon form and the warlock is tanking him. During this the warlock dies and I once again end up tanking illidan. I'm somewhat near where he went demon form and everyone runs away. Healers start spam healing me and I keep my rotation pushing. We transition back into p3 and almost immediately into p5. As we are in p5 all of a sudden the tank dies AGAIN. I happen to be somewhat near a trap and as Illidan runs towards me he casts shear, to which I dodged (rngeezus) again. I have just enough time to take two steps backwards into a trap before the spam healing just can't keep me alive and I basically get 2 shot. Illidan gets trapped, I die, they burst the boss down. I believe I finished the fight somewhere between 1400-1500 dps at that point, which was absolutely amazing. I don't think I've had a night quite like that except maybe an evasion tank boss kill which has randomly occurred. Nothing to that sheer luck level.

    6. What goals do you wish to achieve in World of Warcraft? Which goals have you already accomplished?: Outside of raiding I have random goals. Every week I attempt to clear old world raids for the remaining raid mounts I missed during in-tier content. I also am working to push to gold cap through the AH (which is actually pretty rough so far). There are so many things to complete in wow that sometimes I'll pick insignificant things and work on them briefly (a few weeks) to better round out my character.

    7. Fill out the template. Include content you've cleared only while it was current: WARLORDS OF DRAENOR
    TIER 18: Heroic Hellfire Citadel 10/13
    TIER 17: Heroic Highmaul 6/6, Heroic Blackrock Foundry 10/10


    Heroic Dragon Soul 2/8, Heroic Firelands 7/7

    Heroic Lich King 0/1, Tribute to Insanity: No, Tribute to Mad Skill: Yes,

    T4, T5, BT, SWP

    C'thun, Sapphiron, BWL, MC

    Tribute to Mad Skill, Immortal (Gentlemen's Club), Undying (GC), World 9th US 4th Yogg normal (Death and Taxes - Horde), AOTC t17

    Section 5: Theorycrafting
    1. Explain your priority or rotation: Almost everything feels like a copy/paste so I'll try to speak off the cuff... Assassination relies on maintaining as high as possible uptimes on rupture and envenom, while also utilizing shadowfocus/vanish to get free mutilates. As targets drop into the 35% hp range mutilate is replaced with dispatch entirely instead of just during free procs. With t18 4pc this is a HUGE dps boost. Mutilate generates more combo points for the energy requirement than dispatch. WIthout the t18 4pc it becomes impossible to maintain proper uptime of envenom and rupture. The t18 4pc adds a 2nd combo point for every dispatch. Over the course of a fight like gorefiend that's an extra 90 cp (or more quite honestly). As far as CDs are concerned you generally want to use your CDs when they're available. There are times when delaying them provides the best output, for instead delaying the third CD usage for a gorefiend 2nd feast provides more overall throughput. This can also be expanded into for the legendary ring. For combat the mechanics are entirely different. First there is no bleed effect, and combat requires maintaining both Revealing Strike debuff as well as SnD buff. Combat also benefits from the fact that finisher reduce dps CDs by 10 seconds making them available a lot more often. The most nuanced attribute of combat is combat insight. There are times when pooling energy awaiting an add spawn is better than pushing into the red buff so that you can get a maximized red buff blade blurry and possibly killing spree. Multistrike really helps with dps in this as I mention below.

    2. Versatility, Multistrike, Haste, Critical, OR Mastery? Choose one and explain why: Multistrike - it's simple, I love seeing my name climb up the meters. I enjoy playing combat greatly and typically combat is played during add fights. Whenever you have 3+ adds multistrike scales your dps through bladeflurry, on top of red buff killing spree. It's probably one of my favorite things about rogue.

    3. Is there anything questionable about your gear, gem or enchant decisions? If so, explain here. Otherwise, leave blank: Currently wearing 2pc/2pc even though I have t18 helm as I've had horrible drops for shoulders/chest and our raid attendance seems to be falling. Also, I don't have the archimonde trinket yet, which is basically a sin against mankind and all assassination spec rogues :/

    Section 6: Interface and Binds
    1. What do you have Q, W, E, A, S and D bound to?: Q: Turn Left, W: Move Forward, E: Turn Right, A: Strafe left, S: Move Backward, D: Strafe Right. I've never found a reason to change them as there is more than enough keys readily available especially considering modifier and a naga mouse.

    2. Upload a screenshot of your user interface: Doesn't include a few WAs, or hidden buttons from ElvUI which show up on mouseover.

    3. If your keybindings are not shown in the screenshot you provided in question 2, please show them here. Leave blank otherwise: I only have my buttons show up on mouseover as I really don't need to see the bindings or the buttons, especially with weakauras. It's quite a long list but here you go:
    No Stealth [Stealth]
    ` - Stealth
    1 - SnD
    2 - SS / Mute [Cheap]
    3 - Evis / Even [Garrote]
    4 - Gouge [Sap]
    5 - Kick
    6 - HP
    R - Revealing / Rupture
    T - Cloak
    F - Burst / ShS
    G - Evasion [Pick Pocket]
    Z - Sprint
    X - Vanish
    C - AR / Dispatch
    V - Kidney
    F1 - ExtraMouseButton1
    F2 - Pot
    F6 - Rune
    F5 - Stone
    F4 - Flask
    Num 1 - /tar boss1
    Num 2 - Boss 2
    Num 3 - Boss 3
    Num 4 - Feint
    Num 5 - Triangle
    Num 6 - Focus
    Num 7 - Tricks @targettarget
    Num 8 - Skull
    Num 9 - Glider
    Num 10 - Boss 4
    Num 11 - Teabag
    Num 12 - Boss 5

    ` - Shiv
    3 - Recupe
    4 - Combat Readiness
    C - KS / Vendetta
    R - Arcane Torrent
    F - Prep
    Z - Smoke Bomb
    G - Shroud

    Hopefully I didn't leave anything out... Feel free to ask if something seems egregious.

    Section 7: Statistics
    1. How did you learn about us?: wow forums
    2. Besides filling the application out, what did you least like about our application experience?: I know it's obviously required, in order to weed out undesirables, but the overall length of guild applications is frustrating. It honestly reminds me A LOT of applying for a job. First, you have to spend hours working on a resume/cv/cover letter, then you have to turn around and copy/paste/reorganize all that stuff into the pretty little boxes like they want. Something inevitably gets forgotten or sounds awkward. It's also missing a section of free response. In such a section I would say: I really feel the current tier logs are somewhat skewed by significant RNG both with the gearing up, 4pc, and also the legendary ring. I don't feel the current rankings are an indication of performance or ability for this tier, and I encourage you to review logs from the previous one. If requested I can provide direct links for you.
    3. Which webpage did you like most?: I didn't go through the entire site too much but I can honestly say it's one of the better guild websites I've seen, I was pleasantly impressed. The layout and clean look led me to hitting the apply button even though it appears you might not need a rogue at all. Hopefully that isn't the case :). Thank you for your consideration.

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