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    #showtooltip [talent:x/y]Spell1;[talent:x/y]Spell2;[talent:x/y]Spell3
    /use Spell1
    /use Spell2
    /use Spell3
    Where x is the talent row, y is the talent column.


    Swapping buttons every time you change talents sucks. Creating a basic macro with every spell listed on a talent row doesn't correctly display tooltips or icons. How do we fix that? Glad you asked.

    Sometime in 6.0, Blizzard added a [talent:<x>/<y>] conditional that you can use to create robust talent macros that will accurately show icon, CD, and tooltips.

    [talent:<x>/<y>] - <x> is the talent row (e.g., your level 15 talents are row 1, your level 100 talents are row 7). <y> is the column of the talent in question. If I wanted to create a macro around Mage's Blazing Speed talent (level 15 row, 2nd talent in that row), I would use the following syntax: [talent:1/2].

    Creating a all-in-one macro for a particular row:
    Let's say you want to create a macro that will automatically update and fire the correct spell based on what you pick. For this example, we'll use the level 90 tier for Mages. The macro would look like this:
    #showtooltip [talent:6/1]Mirror Image;[talent:6/2]Rune of Power;Incanter's Flow
    /use Mirror Image
    /use Rune of Power
    The first line determines which icon and tooltip shows up based on the talent you picked. #showtooltip allows conditionals (if/then statements) and what we're doing here is forcing the #showtooltip function to evaluate based on the [talent] conditional.

    In human terms, line 1 reads: "If I picked the 1st talent in the 6th row, show the tooltip for Mirror Image. If I picked the 2nd talent, show the tooltip for Rune of Power. Otherwise, show me the tooltip for Incanter's Flow."

    You could add [talent:6/3] before Incanter's Flow but that would be redundant since we know that if we didn't pick talent 1 or talent 2, then 3 must have been picked. You can add it if you want though.

    The following lines simply fire the spell. If you're attempting to fire a spell that you don't have learned, nothing happens and that line is skipped which allows us to sequentially /use every spell in that talent row.

    A thing to note in this example: The first 2 spells are active spells (meaning, you have to use them for the effect). The last talent, Incanter's Flow, is completely passive. However, I find it useful to even show passives so you can tell from a glance of your action bar what talents you currently have.

    You can get a bit more elaborate with your macros too. For example, here's my Mage 3rd tier talent macro:
    #showtooltip [talent:3/1]Ring of Frost;[talent:3/2]Ice Ward;Frostjaw
    /use Ring of Frost
    /use [@target,help][@targettarget,help][@focus,help][]Ice Ward
    /use [@focus,harm][]Frostjaw
    This has additional conditionals based on target, target of target, and reaction.

    You can also add the [talent] conditional for other functions too. For example, if you only wanted to use, say, your trinket only if you have a particular talent picked, you can create a macro like this:
    /use [talent:6/3]13
    /use Icy Veins
    In the example above, you will only use your trinket (slot 13, top trinket slot) if you have tier 6, 3rd talent picked. The second line will always fire.
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    pretty busty
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    It is currently optimal for Holy priests to run without a level 90 talent, as they are useless and waste mana. You might accidentally hit it while facerolling your renew button and thus be oom 5 seconds sooner than you would have been. So your statement of "then 3 must have been picked" is, in fact, incorrect.
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    But would you actually create a macro and bind the row of talents if you didn't use any of them? :p

    Edit- Added a TL;DR to the post.
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    Oh good, infmoptalents is no longer working. Glad blizz finally added the functions to do it with macros.
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    The 255 char limit has never been a problem until now. Goddammit...

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