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    Got this from the Understanding Empty Drinking Horn thread on MMO, made me chuckle. Since none of us have one yet maybe we need to look deeper into its understanding to get one to drop!

    First try to imagine yourself as an empty vessel sitting in Gul'dan's cupboard for god knows how long, then he plunges you into a cauldron full of green snot. You never believed you would have to contain something so vile but you know what, fuck it, your a Drinking Horn and all you want is to be full of something for someone to imbibe and Gul'dan's dinner parties are few and far between and you have no idea when you will see use again. Then Gul'dan offers you to his meat head/roider guest but rather than drinking from you he spills your contents all over the floor and callously discards you as if you had something to do with the nasty shit you were just holding. You are shocked....broken, you thought you were about to fulfil your purpose in life and now it looks like you never will.

    Month's go by and eventually Gul'dan has a new dinner party, once more your filled with the vilest substance your limited Drinking Horn imagination could ever conjure and your offered once more to Gul'dan's guest. The tension is palpable, it ended so badly last time....can you really afford to get hurt so badly again? But then joy, elation! This guest is actually drinking from you! You have never been so happy. Only the dream becomes a nightmare as you get passed round Orc after Orc, being filled then emptied again and again until the thought of being filled once more sickens you.

    No more are you a Drinking Horn awaiting fulfilment, you can't bare the thought of holding another liquid in your life and thus swear to become an Empty Drinking Horn. Not the Drinking Horn Draenor wants but the Empty Drinking Horn Draenor deserves.

    To understand the Empty Drinking Horn I think we need to deal with all the rage, self loathing, anger and abandonment issues first before we ever get to know the real Empty Drinking Horn.
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    Sin.... Hes finally gone over the edge...
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