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  1. daylin

    daylin New Member

    Section 1:
    Your Character

    1. Character name: Daylin
    2. Realm: Kilrogg
    3. Class: Shaman
    4. Main Spec: Resto
    5. Desired Offspec: whatever you need - currently pvp resto
    6. Armory link: ... n/advanced
    7. Approximate month/year this character became your primary character Oh gosh... Maybe Sept 09? Just as Wrath came out
    8. Favorite title achieved on your primary character I love my Starcaller title.
    9. How many times have you died to the elevator boss?: Nope. I'm a good little shammy.
    10. Do you know anyone in Vitality who will vouch for you as a player?: Karthak
    11. World of Logs parse link (required): ... 972&e=7401 (Raid healing on H Magmaw) ... 99&e=10710
    (Tank healing on H Mal)

    Section 2a:
    Real Life

    1. Real first name: Christine
    2. Gender: F
    3. Age: 26
    4. Country/State currently living in: Cali
    5. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft in total: Around 3 1/3 years
    6. Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Hi all! This is a random way to say hello but oh well. Its what I get for being off server. I'm a very upbeat person who doesn't mind wiping over and over to a boss if its progression (if its not progression I may get a bit testy). I have no problem speaking my mind and am not an excuses type of person. I'll own up if I completely failed at something and then it won't happen again. I'm actually in the military so that somewhat goes into the 2nd question (I'll post more down there). I have a good sense of humor and nothing really ever offends me. I'm married but no kids and the hubby does not play - he goes and plays xbox while I raid. Oh yea, I'm currently Alliance but I'd most likely go Goblin for Horde if I transfer. I am very willing to take any feedback and suggestions you have. I enjoy discussing theorycrafting and am always looking for a better way to get the job done. Um, I think thats all I got.
    7. Upcoming circumstances that can prevent you from raiding: Being military has its disadvantages when it comes to finding a solid raiding guild. My schedule has to be flexible since I won't find out my schedule until the day prior. I am excellent at posting if I will miss any raid - I'd rather post and you be prepared for my absence and then actually be able to show up. Also, I will be leaving to go to the Middle East for 4 months at the end of August. Fabulous time to look for a new guild, right? Sigh. I'm very open to talking about any questions you all have in regards to this and I very much understand if you have reservations with taking me over one of the other resto shammies who have posted.

    Section 2b:
    Computer Information

    1. Processor: Oh god now I gotta get out my computer specs: Intel Core i7 3.07Ghz
    2. Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
    3. Amount of RAM: 8 GB
    4. Operating System: Windows 7
    5. Overclocked?: Nope
    6. Did you buy or build your computer: Built my own for the first time. I was a little too nervous to overclock anything on my first try.
    7. How old is your computer?: Less than a year.
    8. How stable is your computer?: Never had any issues.
    9. Who is your internet service provider?: Cox
    10. How stable is your internet connection?: Very stable except for those random maintenance days where they shut down your web without telling you. -.- In all fairness that happened once in 2 years of service.

    Section 3:
    Long Answer Questions

    1. Besides our raid progression, why did you apply to Vitality Your part time raider option grabbed my attention. Especially since my schedule can be so fluid. It usually is not an issue at all and at most I would be out 1-2 days every few weeks. Its difficult finding a progressive guild that doesn't have a 5 night/wk schedule.

    2. Reason(s) for leaving your previous guild: I adore most of the members of my guild but sometimes its time for something new. I was looking for a little more progression with a possibility of more flexible days.

    3. What other specs/classes have you raided as in the past?: I was a Prot Pally when I started raiding in BC. Switched to Ele sham that quickly became resto. I also have raided as Enh in ToGC as my offspec for interrupts when needed. I currently have more gear for Enh than Ele. I also have a lock that is 11/12 Norm in Cata.

    4. Most favorite raid and why?: Hm. I loved TK. The A'dal fight I always found really fun - and the mass chaos of KT with the weaps and such. I also enjoyed Kara as a pally tank and just rounding up a crapton of undead for AE tanking.

    5. Overall most memorable ingame moment: My first raid! Someone brought me into Kara as a terribly geared ret pally - when you would get laughed at for speccing ret. I got my first purple (Gorehowl) on that run. I still have that thing. :)

    6. Most important PvE accomplishment?: I don't really know. Maybe the first time downing Nef? We were in a 10m group working on progression content outside the normal raid times. I think it was the most fun I'd had in a while - plus it got us our title. We then took all our learning points back the next week with guild and downed it on 25m. Gotta love it.

    7. Important PvP accomplishments?: Just finally got my 2v2 1750 rating achieve. I've also been leading some rated BGs and have finally convinced some people that PVP is not scary!

    8. Any other unique World of Warcraft experience you would like to mention?: I don't think I have anything else...

    9. Heroic Cataclysm raid experience: 7/13H 25m, 12/12 Norm

    BWD - Mag/Chim/Atra/Mal
    BoT - Half/V&T
    Tot4W - Conclave

    10. Pre-Cataclysm raid experience: ICC 10/25 - 11/12H
    ToC 25m - 4/5H
    ToC 10m - 5/5H
    25m Uld - 7HM's
    Nax - cleared

    Everything through Mother in BT - cleared

    Section 4:

    1. Describe your gearing philosophy: Generally, I am part of the resto community that says Mastery stinks. It is much better than it was and is useful if you are solely tank healing - but as shammies when are we ever going to ONLY tank heal? Haste is the best throughput stat we have but it must be balanced with the amount of mana regen you have. This mana regen can be accomplished by stacking spirit or a spirit/crit combination. I tend to go with the latter as crit also boosts your heals. I try to balance out my haste with the correct amount of regen so I never have to worry about being low on mana. Mana tides on CD don't hurt either. I will reforge into and out of mastery depending on the fight or the role I'm needed to fill.

    2. Describe your reforging philosophy: I never reforge out of haste or spirit. Mastery will generally get reforged to hate or crit. I think I left the mastery on one ring just to keep my mastery around 10. Crit will get reforged to haste or left alone depending on how my haste to regen balance is going.

    3. List your priority or rotation: Priorities are generally tanks/kiters > heals > dps. I use healing wave to the max extent possible for the mana neutral quality of it but in most heroics it isn't really feasible. I have glyph of riptide which allows me to keep HoTs rolling on 3 people at all times. Generally they go on the 2 tanks and whatever other person needs it at the time. This allows me to keep up the extra spirit from the 4-piece set as well as utilize the Tidal Waves buff as much as possible. Healing rain is an amazing tool we now have. The radius of it is so much larger than any other class' healing circle, making it more flexible for use in raids where people may be a bit more spread out. I always use it in times of heavy dmg when people are clumped together. Also it can usually be positioned to hit both melee and a tank (depending on Boss size) so I try to use it for that as well. Chain heal has gone down in my healing priority unless its a time when massive raid heals are needed and I need to use both healing rain AND chain heal to get the most people topped off. Unleash elements is a great tool to boost your heals. I don't use it on CD, more when I know there will be heavy dmg.

    Compared to some other shammies that I have raided with, I'm much more of a spot healing type of person. I don't try to pad the meters by dropping Healing Rain on people who could probably be left alone just fine for a while longer while you save someone from dying. Meters are a good way to push yourself to get better but in the end, if no one dies, your healing team won. (*shrugs* I swear, its not a cop out, lol)

    4. Most important non-hit rating (non-hit ratings are: Haste, Expertise, Critical, Mastery, etc) stat and why?: I guess I'll go with Haste. Best throughput stat - but like I said before, must be balanced out with regen from Spirit/Crit.

    5. List the Theorycrafting sites you regularly visit: EJ, Arena Junkies, random forums or guides posted by top guild shammies. EJ is the main one though since it has such a great open discussion forum.

    Section 5:
    UI and Keybinds

    1. What do you have A, D, Q and E bounded to?: Turn left/right, Strafe left/right >.>
    I keep them as is because I have so many things bound to my mouse for healing that I often find myself needing to keyboard move and heal via mouseover. I'm totally planning on getting laughed at about this but let me prove my capability before you totally write it off.

    2a. Upload a screenshot of your user interface:

    2b. Upload a screenshot of your keybindings (If your user interface shot does not include it):

    2c. If you cannot take a screenshot of your keybinds, then list all your keybinds here. (If you have already posted a screenshot of your bindings in 2b, than you may SKIP this question!): Keybindings for the generic numbers are across the bottom of my UI. In addition to those I have many things bound to my mouse for healing:

    Shift+RIght Click - Cleanse
    Thumb button 1 - GHW
    Thumb button 2 - HS
    Thumb button 3 - ES
    Thumb button 4 - Riptide

    Pointer Button 1 - UE
    Pointer Button 2 - Water Shield
    Pointer Button 3 - Earthliving Weap

    Other than that, I'm totally a clicker. You are permitted to slap me on the wrist.

    Section 6:

    1. How did you learn about us? Was it via our MMO-Champion, Elitist Jerks, World of Warcraft Guild Recruitment, or the Ner'zhul realm forum recruitment threads? Or was it WoWProgress, word of mouth, or something else?: EJ recruitment forums

    2. What did you think of our application experience?: Not bad so far. I created a lowbie toon and talked to Karthak for a while this morning. Thought I should app and see what you all have to say and if I'd be a good fit prior to dropping any money on a server transfer.
  2. Janya

    Janya Junior Member

    Re: Application for Daylin of Kilrogg


    - Do you value crit over haste? I notice an item or two that you left the crit not reforged, any reason?

    - Why do you have earthen vitality on your boots? You realize it does not stack with ancestral swiftness?

    - Why have you chosen to skip blessing of the eternals?

    - Are you often the designated dispeller? If not, why not 3/3 acuity instead of cleansing waters? If so why not 3/3 acuity instead of ancestral resolve?

    - Can you name two bosses where glyph of stoneclaw is very handy for their abilities?

    - Do you think shamans are better fitted for tank healing or raid healing?
  3. daylin

    daylin New Member

    Re: Application for Daylin of Kilrogg

    Hi! I'd be happy to talk to those points.

    1. I have left a few pieces with the crit still attached in order to increase some of the mana regen available from crit in order to balance out the amount of haste I use. I'd love to go straight haste for raid healing but I know that I'd wind up with some mana issues, hence keeping some crit on my gear. I've played around with it about a million times and this amount of each seems to have a good balance between the two for me at the moment.

    2. Blessing of the eternals was something I specced out of not too long ago to be able to place a point in Ancestral Resolve and keep my 2/2 in Totemic Focus and 1/2 in Cleansing waters. I was hoping to gain survivability in the harder heroic fights we were working on while still retaining the mana regen from TC and Totemic Focus and some of the lowered cost Cleansing waters. I've gone back and forth about keeping TC. Its a great tool for some fights but in others it just seems like wasted points. Depending on the fights in Firelands, I'd probably drop it entirely for Ancestral Resolve and Blessing of the Eternals. I am often a designated dispeller which is why I have Cleansing waters. I dropped a point out of there when they upped the internal CD. Ancestral resolve was actually something that I had been experimenting with to see how much it really affected my survivability. Another shammy swore that it helped him survive better so I decided to give it a shot. Honestly, between Glyph of Stoneclaw and not being an idiot, I didn't notice much difference. I just never changed it back. I am constantly theorycrafting and trying out new things to see what works the best for me.

    3. Glyph of Stoneclaw is handy for Electrocute on Nef and Storm Shield on Rohash.

    4. I've just left Earthen vitality on my boots for times when I use Spiritwalker's grace to move and heal. Usually those are the times when I'm avoiding damage and would normally GW but I can't and since I also need be able to heal. There are definitely better ones for throughput of heals.

    5. I believe shaman are better fit for raid healing with Healing Rain being such a powerful spell for us now and chain heal being a multi-target filler. However, they can very easily slide into the role of tank healer. With the dmg reduction from Ancestral Healing, and several strong single target heals, they do an excellent job of tank healing when needed. The one thing we lack is a tank CD, but at least they gave us Spirit Link for a raid CD.

    Let me know what else I can answer!
  4. daylin

    daylin New Member

    Re: Application for Daylin of Kilrogg

    Ok, I just fixed my spec to what I'd most likely go into Firelands using. It keeps the point in Cleansing waters simply because I'm not sure how much I will be getting utilized for cleansing. If not much, I'd most likely move it for 1 point in Ancestral Resolve.
  5. Janya

    Janya Junior Member

    Re: Application for Daylin of Kilrogg

    I meant, there is a constant 15% movement speed outside of GW on ancestral swiftness, it doesn't stack with earthen vitality so you're getting no benefit from earthen vitality other than 30stam.

    By end of August do you mean August 31?

    And would you say your HPS and throughput is your strength or raid awareness(not dying to stupid things/standing in fire)?
  6. daylin

    daylin New Member

    Re: Application for Daylin of Kilrogg

    Hm. Now I feel like a nubkin. I didn't realize so time to go change my boot chant! Yea thats totally fail on my part. I must say, nothing better than looking like a total tard on your app. >.<

    End of August meaning Aug 28th. There is a possibility I will be around a week or 2 after that but no guarantee. Military likes to screw with your life (and usually succeeds).

    Raid awareness is definitely my strength. I'd rather be alive to heal people through the whole fight than look hot on the meters. However, the goal is both. :D
  7. daylin

    daylin New Member

    Re: Application for Daylin of Kilrogg

    Hi all. Going to have to withdraw my application.

    I appreciate your time and input. Unfortunately work is now talking about having me travel over the next few weeks so that, along with how close it is to when I'd leave in August, makes it a bad time to trial and be able to truely contribute to your guild.

    If you are still looking for heals once I get back, you may see my face again.

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