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    Release Plan 11/14/2012

    The main problems delaying the project are the complicated design, and programming required. In order to release quicker, we have revised the release schedule to include a new phase called Phase 0.

    The website will be released before Christmas. I will spend the time to do at least one more feature before release. It will cover the looks of the new forums + some details to ease you guys in the transition.

    Phase: Phase 0
    Phase 0 includes all base functionality of the entire site. The Cactar will be implemented along with partial implementations of the frontpage (For example no frontpage Dashboard, that will come in a later phase)

    • Includes the new forums: The Cactar
    • Frontpage without Dashboard
    • Non-updating Notification Bar
    • Rank and File
    • Search working for only
    • Apply

    • Cactar Chat

    Phase 1/2
    This is the programming part of the project. Phase 1 can switch with phase 2 depending on how programming goes.

    • Updating Notification Bar completed
    • The Dashboard (This includes all content contained within)
    • Last Word vs. Heroic Deathwing ( Exclusive Version)
    • Apply and Automated Application Pages (Both private and public)
    • The Cactar: Mini Dashboard
    • Full features of search

    Phase 1/2
    This is the HTML/CSS portion of the project. This portion of the project may come out over time rather than all at once. Phase 2 can switch with phase 1 depending on how programming goes.

    • Store Page
    • Progress Page
    • Stream Page
    • Cactar Chat (If not included in phase 0)

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