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    The LWlol Nest is a easy and organized way to advertise or present your resources to large amount of people. Here are some uses:

    • Advertise
    • Sell stuff
    • Make guides
    • Upload files for mass distribution

    The sky's the limit, really. And the options for user base interaction are big too. Once you create your Nest resource, visitors and members can:

    • If logged in - comment on and rate your resource
    • Discuss your resource in a dedicated thread that is automatically created when you make your LWlol Nest resource
    • You may link external things, such as websites directly to your resource
    • Content is presented in an aesthetically pleasing, easy to follow manner. So your patrons focus on your content, and not whats around it
    And for you, the content creator, the tools you are familar and comfortable with from The Cactar powers LWlol Nest. So creating content is just as easy as it is on The Cactar

    There are various categories in which you may list your resource. I will explain them below:

    • LWlol Store - This is a closed category, which means you may not list your resource here. The LWlol Store is for guild and website services only.
    • Classifieds - This category is specifically for advertising/selling stuff. . You may set your advertisement to have interested users send you a message. Or you can even sell stuff via PayPal. If you choose to sell stuff, you will need to link your PayPal account to your resource. Either way, a thread is created in the Resource forum in The Cactar advertising your... advertisement.
    • Resources - This is the primary category. Resources is intended for guides and anything that isn't an advertisement. You may not sell stuff in this area!
    • Resources, Event - Member hosted events are listed here. You also have the option of setting a cost to your event. Once you create your event, a thread is created in the Resource forum in The Cactar giving users a place to discuss and ask questions about your event.
    • Resources, Public - Listing your resource here allows everyone to view and download your attached files. A thread is also created in the Resource forum in The Cactar advertising your new creation.
    • Resources, Private - Currently, this is not implemented, but will be available for Last Word members in the future. Once it is implemented, it will function as follows: Listing your resource here makes attachments available only to Last Word related forum ranks (Guild Member and above). Non-members will be unable to read the content of the resource. A thread is created in the Guild Lounge forum in The Cactar advertising your new creation.

    Finally, if you are interested in creating a site within a site via LWlol Nest, I will be willing to support you. Just contact me

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