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    Feat of Strength: Cactar 2.0 and the Sinking of RMS Lusitania 99 Years Ago

    Visited during the opening weekend of the LWlol Cactar 2.0 Update. It was also on May 7th, 1915 that RMS Lusitania sank during World War I

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    You're a centenarian... in post count that is. This is one of the achievements needed to unlock the Feat of Strength: Senior Member

    Users who have earned this achievement: Donna, Tunguskaa, Unholysin, Slappa, Neo, Honeypants, Makeitwitchu, Canibehealz, Swagr01, Darkfriend, midi, Jeathe, Ryuujin, Waffles, Jobahlie, Lindorn, kiryusha, Akky, rent, dhomochevsky, Jak, Aggo, Alame, Omniwrath, Cheroba, Solar, Cptpoot, Abbador, Givemeahug, Therran, Mad, Silent, earthwormjim, Lacie, Tinderhoof, Dan, Klutched, Chia, jacey, Cakezilla, Anelace, Prynne, Ka, Isilmedae, Malorajan, nightsbane, juicy, Pyru, Sylver

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    The Mighty 300

    This is madness!...

    Users who have earned this achievement: Klutched, Isilmedae, rent, Malorajan, Honeypants, Unholysin, Cptpoot, Abbador, Silent, Cakezilla, earthwormjim, Canibehealz, nightsbane, Omniwrath, Akky, Donna, Solar, Tinderhoof, Ryuujin, Waffles, Lacie

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    In China, 4 is the number of bad luck. You may want to post again soon

    Users who have earned this achievement: Omniwrath, rent, Waffles, Canibehealz, Cakezilla, Ryuujin, Cptpoot, earthwormjim, Donna, Isilmedae, Klutched, Unholysin, Abbador, Lacie, Akky, Tinderhoof

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    The epitome of evil... until 6,666

    Users who have earned this achievement: Omniwrath, Cptpoot, Cakezilla, Donna, Tinderhoof, Abbador, Akky, Canibehealz, Unholysin, rent, earthwormjim, Klutched

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    You've Won 1,000,000 Dollars! And a Ferrari...

    Well, you could have if you slot'ed up a 777 in some casino in Vegas. But instead you've just reached 777 posts on Maybe that's just as good?

    Users who have earned this achievement: rent, Unholysin, Akky, Abbador, Donna, Tinderhoof, Cakezilla, Canibehealz, earthwormjim

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    Why Not Award This At 1000 Posts?

    Because this achievement is worth only 5 points, not 10. Anyways, congratulations on 999 posts!

    Users who have earned this achievement: Unholysin, Canibehealz, Abbador, Cakezilla, Donna, rent, Tinderhoof

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    Feat of Strength: The War to End All Wars

    Visited during the opening weeks of the Great War, aka World War I. It was on June 28th, 1914, 100 years ago, that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the crown prince of the Austria-Hungary empire, was assassinated in Sarajevo. This event started off a series of complex historical circumstances triggering World War I

    Users who have earned this achievement: Slappa, bigsniffin, Lindorn, Abbador, icbleu, Xaru, Chia, Tunguskaa, James, Raddei, Dan, nightsbane, Klutched, misdemeanor, Dominus, Pokingyou, Cptpoot, Anelace, Cakezilla, Therran, Isilmedae, Prynne, Omniwrath, Jason, Silent, Fishboy, rent, Nakii, Honeypants, Canibehealz, earthwormjim, Cheroba, Reconbravo, Unholysin, Geowg, Pyru, Jjmackey, DIngo, Looneyone, Jak, Hargraapha, dhomochevsky, Neo, Domejob, Splerks, kiryusha, Uppercut, Tinderhoof, baelyn, Donna, Solar, Lacie, artze, Akky, Waffles, Vizcioux, Layluh

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    Feat of Strength: The World Cup 2014

    Visited during finals fever of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

    Users who have earned this achievement: Lacie, Shugnight, Brianb0i, Therran, Donna, baelyn, Prynne, DIngo, Honeypants, Xaru, James, Uppercut, Jjmackey, Jak, Dan, Tinderhoof, rent, Unholysin, Chia, Akky, nightsbane, Lindorn, Canibehealz, Kyle Dawson, misdemeanor, Reconbravo, Looneyone, dhomochevsky, Abbador, Vizcioux, Solar, Cakezilla, Waffles, Neo, kiryusha, earthwormjim, Geowg, Isilmedae, Cheroba, Cptpoot, Omniwrath, Tunguskaa

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    Feat of Strength: 2014 FIFA World Cup Champion: Germany

    Germany scores 1-0 against Argentina in overtime to secure the FIFA World Cup Trophy! Awarded to only those who voted for the winning team!

    Users who have earned this achievement: Canibehealz, dhomochevsky, Jjmackey, Solar, rent, Honeypants, Unholysin

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    Feat of Strength: Revolution. Evolution

    Visited on September 9th, 2014. This historic Apple event saw the announcement of the revolutionary new Apple Watch and the next evolution of the iPhone

    Users who have earned this achievement: Lindorn, Dyinghurts, Therran, Aggo, Splerks, Myrialuna, earthwormjim, Henjei, Jason, Lacie, rent, Cptpoot, Akky, Isilmedae, Silent, Jak, Abbador, Tunguskaa, Neo, Pyru, nightsbane, Nakii, Honeypants, Donna, Tinderhoof, Canibehealz, Omniwrath, Solar

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    Feat of Strength: World of Warcraft Turns 10!

    Visited on November 23rd, 2014. World of Warcraft launched on November 23rd, 2004 making it the exact 10 year birthday of this venerable MMORPG

    Users who have earned this achievement: Chia, Honeypants, Unholysin, Abbador, Lindorn, Dan, Akky, Tunguskaa, lwlol, Pyru, Slappa, Jak, Xaru, Vizcioux, Klutched, earthwormjim, Omniwrath, Canibehealz, rent, nightsbane, Solar, Donna

  13. 5 Turns 2!

    Visited on December 18th, the anniversary of its launch.

    Users who have earned this achievement: Canibehealz, Cakezilla, Isilmedae, Vizcioux, Blueberry, Honeypants, Dan, Slappa, dhomochevsky, Prynne, Pyru, Donna, DIngo, Jak, earthwormjim, rent, Tunguskaa, Dyinghurts, Akky, Omniwrath, Tinderhoof, Unholysin, Lindorn, Waffles, Cheroba, Cptpoot, Solar, Swagr01, Abbador, Kotar, Alame, DaltonThePaladin

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    Feat of Strength: Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) Seahawk'ed!

    From a bad start, to Payton Manning just sucking, the Seahawks good defense swept the game. We knew who won by Bruno Mars' half-time show. Boring. Anyways, congratulations to you Seahawks fans!

    Users who have earned this achievement: Solar, Unholysin, Canibehealz, misdemeanor, Donna, Cptpoot

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    Feat of Strength: Super Bowl XLIX (2015) The Patriots X4

    The Patriots pull forward from a deficit of 10 points in the last half. A tense 4th quarter, the last two minutes, AND a boxing match later, Tom Brady & Co. had secured themselves another championship. Congratulations to all Patriot fans! And 1,000 credits to you.

    Users who have earned this achievement: Jak, rent, Nasherex, Honeypants, Cakezilla, Waffles, Abbador

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    Titanic Time

    Visited between April 10th and 15th, the anniversary of the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

    Users who have earned this achievement: Pyru, Omniwrath, Lacie, Carson, Cheroba, Donna, Cakezilla, Slappa, Swagr01, Waffles, dhomochevsky, Cptpoot, Shaly, asahupanam, House, Tinderhoof, mojo, Solar, DIngo, Isilmedae, Mellenar, Kotar, Honeypants, Dillon, Thaylosis, Lindorn, Lemli, Abbador, Nakii, Vael, Dan, nightsbane, Beholdeth, earthwormjim, Silent, Deimos, Jjmackey, Unholysin, Akky, Scotchgard, Prynne, Nemba, Therran, taejin, Jak, Canibehealz, rent, Makeitwitchu, misdemeanor, Chia, Klutched, landorus, Jeathe, Climates, Alame

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    Feat of Strength: 18 Minutes of Terror

    Visited on May 7th. RMS Lusitania was torpedo'ed and sank in 18 minutes on this day 100 years ago.

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    1204 AD

    The sack of the great city of Constantinople occurred in 1204 AD, which, coincidently, is the amount of posts you now have on

    Users who have earned this achievement: Canibehealz, Unholysin, Cakezilla, rent, Abbador, Donna

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    1453 AD

    This year marks the final end of the Roman Empire, as the nearly impenetrable walls of Constantinople fall to the Ottomans in 1453 AD, which also happens to be the number of posts you've just achieved on!

    Users who have earned this achievement: rent, Unholysin, Canibehealz, Abbador

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